posted by Nataliya Gaus

My picture "Turn around" shows running in the snow animal. Nobody knows where he is going and for what purpose. He is an ordinary traveler, who is looking for his own way. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My website: https://www.facebook.com/gaus.nataliya

Turn around



posted by Raymond Shanks

Thank you for viewing my visions. I do not try and classify or label my paintings into any catagory.....i.e. Impressionisim, Abstract, realism......etc. i just paint what comesl to me in a way that i feel at that momemt. I do not try and make any statements either. Rather maybe tell a story. Take what you will from my visions and like them, hate them, love them or not, my hope is that you are taken out of the moment of this reality and its stressors and can escape into my world if only for a moment



posted by Sandro Di Bella

it is an expert in the sector multimediale, where it has operated since 1994, it is endowed with a strong artistic taste that loves to express through the realization of projects multimediali, finalized to the creation of sites Web / DVD / Audiovisual. It has painted since 1970, having a preference for the oil on cloth, the decoration of the glass and the wood, treating different son-in-laws and exposing in personal and collective receiving consents of public and criticism. CONTACTS e-mail: sandro.dibella@alice.it web: http://arteitaliana.magix.net/album web: http://arteitaliana.magix.net/#Home web: http://dibellaarte.weebly.com Telephone: +39 0967.71.255 Cellular : +39 320.979.1473

Papaveri al vento



posted by Marilena Rango

Marilena Rango was born in Cassano Ionio, in the southern Italy. She moves to Florence first, and then to Neaples, where she takes a degree in Architecture at “Federico II” University. Marilena Rango's painting is a realistic and figurative one where almost always the woman is the absolute protagonist of the canvas, idealized in her daily beauty through an aesthetic and chromatic objectivity which strongy gives a message of brightness and gaiety. A reality of perfect harmony and beauty where the evil is not contemplated. It is kept away, far from this world of art in which even God is part of it, as John Paul II says in his letter to the artists. Email: marilenarango@gmail.com Website: www.marilenarango.com

E l'Eterno si fece storia - olio su tela, cm 80x100



posted by Hailary

Hailary.com Hailary found her passion for drawing when she was only 6 years old and her love of art continues to this very day. She had also joined the Artist Association Galeria Aberta and was published in "Prospero International Art Book". During recent years, she has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and U.S.A. Her solo gallery is now open in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Email: hailary@hailary.com Website: http://Hailary.com

Royal Beauty   (50x70 Acrylic, Canvas 2011)

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