Rao Bravo

Rao Bravo, Pinar del Rio, Cuba . As a child, his grandfather used to narrate him fantastic stories of magical happenings that involved the solitary nights of his childhood enchanted landscapes.The imagination of these stories, and the magic and colors of the Tropic, remained forever on him.
Since he was a child, he caught hold whatever around him to create images and crafts to play with, this gave his hands and mind great ability to draw and paint. Since then it has been his great passion.
His primary source of knowledge are the great master of the universal art, Picasso, Chagall, Klimt, Van Gogh, Klee, Kandinsky, Portocarrero and many others he has studied minutely. So he consider himself a self-taught.
He went to the Higher Pedagogical Institute of Pinar del Rio, there he obtained a bachelor degree in Education. He taught Visual Art Appreciation at schools, he has worked as a cultural promoter for art galleries and cultural institutions.
He has made several solo exhibitions, he has participated in many collective presentations in his country and abroad. He has won numerous art contests and recognitions in his region. His art is present in public institutions in Cuba and private collections from Cuba, Europe and North America.
Now he is living in Florida and keep producing multiple shapes and diverse compositions rich in fantastic figures and elements, his creations give him a unique personal style that narrates stories of his region, most of them based on stories about places, popular characters, mythical happenings and folk legends.


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