Location: Austria

After almost 35 years of working in the advertising industry as a graphic designer, lycrist and concept developer, I finally followed my inner voice and returned to fine arts.
Painting for me means conflict with my inner self, with my feelings, doubts, desires and working with the complexity of my personality - in search of my identity and the unique and true painting.
Spontaneity switches with painstaking search after the perfect stroke and color. From mind to guts and back. The process of painting - its is a dialogue between myself and the painting. Sometimes I receive direct answers to my questions while painting, sometimes the painting invites me to find answers myself.
I follow the impulse to have the initial concrete disappear to be irrecognisable allowing the viewer the possibility to search for his own associations . Bravely, I battle to follow my inner self which constantly pushes for new challenges and does not want to stick to just one stylen but only itself.
I feel happy whenever my paintings become intermediary of what is kept unsaid and when paintings open doors to different worlds.

Curriculum vitae

1956 Born in Eisenstadt, Austria
1974 School leaving examination
1974–1978 Academic studies at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Master class advertising art, Professor Schwarz
1976–1978 University course for advertising and sales/ Academic advertising and marketing
since 1985 Freelance graphic designer
1986 Formation of an own advertising agency
1986–2009 Advertising agency in Eisenstadt and Vienna,
Management, art direction and text
since 2009 Freelance as an artist

1974–1977 Artist Village Neumarkt/Raab and artworkshop in Florenz
2010-2013 art summer with Sepp Laubner
Robert Zielasco/Kunstfabrik Wien
Isolde Folger/Kunstfabrik Wien
International summer academy Hortus Niger with
Giselbert Hoke/Halbenrain
13. artsymposium eu-art-network falling walls
and open spaces, Cselley Mühle Oslip/Austria
2014 14. artsymposium eu-art-network
open spaces – unvisible walls

Solo Exepitions
1977 cultural center / Eisenstadt, Austria
2011 Cselley Mühle Oslip /Austria
2012 Leisserhof/Donnerskirchen /Austria
Gallery Prünner/Austria, Restaurant Rucken-
dorfer /Austria, Tierschutzhaus Sonnenhof /Austria
2013 SAPP/Klagenfurt /Austria, Restaurant Reisinger/, Pöttsching /Austria
night of museums/Austria
2014 GESUB/Vienna /Austria

Exepition Participation
2012 Reflexions, Castle Hotel Schlaining/Austria
2013 falling walls and open spaces Cselley Mühle Oslip/Austria
falling walls and open spaces/OHO Oberwart
2014 Fallende Mauern und Offene Räume/Provincal Gallery
Burgenland, Austria
open spaces – unvisible walls , Cselley Mühle Oslip/Austria
Go West/LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin/Germany
a-formal-ities / Ceapart Athen/Greek
2015 Alte Synagoge, Trnavar/Slowakia
Austrian Cultur Forum, Budapest/Hungary
Art Beijing, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin/Germany
Crete Cultural Center/Greek