Martin Johan Hard

Martin Johan Hard

Location: Sweden

Born 1958 in Lund, Sweden. I work with oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache and drawing.

Art has always been a big part of my identity and I decided to become an artist when I was in my early teenage years. It was not a difficult choice because I have always drawn and painted as long as I remember - things from life, society, imagination.

During the 80's I attended a private art school in Li├Ęge, Belgium, and worked as an apprentice at various artists in Belgium, Holland and France for 4 years.

My painting is colorful and often very rich in content. Each picture tells a detailed own story. It is a way of communicating simply, a form of conversation. My contribution to the conversation is a picture that can be interpreted in many different ways.

I have had exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, the Caribbean and the U.S.A. Among other things, I have exhibited at the Seattle Museum of Northern Heritage in the US and at the Landskrona Museum, Sweden.

Represented at the Seattle Museum of Northern Heritage in the United States.



Oil and acrylic

Then the theater exhales “Then the theater exhales”

200x116 (cm) acrylic on canvas

Spring “Spring”

90x70 (cm) oil on canvas

Summer “Summer”

91x70 (cm) oil on canvas

Autumn “Autumn ”

90x70 (cm) oil on canvas

Winter “Winter”

91x70 (cm) oil on canvas