Ian E Anderson

Date of Birth: 3/2/1948
Place: Bunbury, Western Australia
Marital Status: Single

Qualifications • Highlights • Experience
• As a graphic artist illustrator, over 30 years experience in a variety of commercial and non commercial studios, including being an Assistant Art Director, Creative Director, fashion illustrator, editorial illustrator, political cartoonist and campaign director
• Successful advertising campaigns, art direction and project management
• Tutor in creative illustration, portraiture, painting, photography, cartooning and leather work
• Conversant with creative technologies (Mac, Adobe)
• Familiar with current trends in management thinking and still learning
• Highly developed graphic, fine art, photography, leather craft carving and digital art skills
• Successful wedding, portrait and commercial photographer
• Managing Director of Legal Graffiti Design Ltd and Hot Shots Creative Photography
• Past president of Business Networking International (BNI) Orewa and Warkworth, New Zealand
• Committee member of Warkworth Squash
• Committee member of Warkworth Business Association
• Solo and joint exhibitions of paintings with works hanging in private, business and government collections world-wide
• Photography and fine art awards in recognition for excellence
• 4 years in the drug scene as a hippy in the early 70's and moved to New Zealand in 1974
• Artist craftsman working primarily in leather and the folk art counter culture of the early 70's
• Wind surfer in the making
• Squash and tennis keep my heart rate pumping
• Jesus is the source of all my love and joy

• Awards • Exhibitions • Murals
• In 2016 I have exploded into full production. After 4 years of false starts and some moments of angst, a small art gallery/studio is opened of my own work and this website is up and running. Now to learn to market and go fishing for more sales and income.
• From 2012 after a major cathartic experience I started the journey to become a full time fine artist and photographer in my own right. The subsequent years I have been painting, carving and setting up a brand ID for the legacy of Ian Anderson Fine Art (IAFA) in painting, poetry, photography, illustration, leather art, book publishing, gift wares and reproduction prints.
• I have worked as a graphic artist illustrator with over 30 years experience in a variety of commercial and non commercial studios, including being an Assistant Art Director, Creative Director, fashion illustrator, editorial illustrator, political cartoonist, campaign director and as a general artist learning many of the twists and turns in the industry.
• Conversant with creative technologies (Mac, Adobe, Microsoft, WordPress).
• Familiar with current trends in management thinking and still learning because it always seems to be changing.
• Highly developed graphic, fine art, photography, leather craft carving, illustration and digital art skills.
• Moderately successful multi award winning wedding and portrait photographer.
• Managing Director of Legal Graffiti Design Ltd and Hot Shots Creative Photography in Warkworth new Zealand.
• Commercial and real estate photographer.
• Past president of Business Networking International (BNI) Orewa and Warkworth, New Zealand.
• Past Committee member of Warkworth Squash.
• Past Committee member of Warkworth Business Association.
• Solo, invite, joint and retrospective exhibitions of paintings with works hanging in private, business and government collections world-wide.
• Photography and fine art awards in recognition for excellence.
• Successful advertising campaigns, art direction and project management.
• Tutored in creative illustration, portraiture, painting, photography, cartooning and leather work in Christchurch and Auckland New Zealand.
• Leather craftsman and studio commercial artist in Christchurch, New Zealand after I had a conviction of conscience and went back to Perth and fronted up to my past.
• 4 years in the drug scene as a hippy in the early 70's and moved to New Zealand in 1974 on the run with a police record.
• Artist craftsman working primarily in leather and the folk art counter culture of the early 70's.
• Commercial advertising artist and neon designer in Perth, West Australia.
• Junior clerk, postman and store man in Perth, West Australia.

Paintings are displayed in private and business collections in: London, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Nauru.

• Wind surfer in the making.
• Squash, cycling, swimming and tennis keep my heart rate pumping.
• Unashamedly, Jesus is the doorway to all my love and joy.

Cathartic experience:
You've probably heard the statement, "Artists don't make money before they die", "Being an artist is not a real job", "Artists have hopeless business minds" alongside all the other dream stealing conversations that people so innocently and ignorantly throw at many of the creatives in our society. One morning I realised how I had taken all that junk on board and an angry stubbornness rose up within me. Who has the right to tell me I can't or won't succeed with my gifts while I still have to pay the accountant and electrician, buy clothes for my back and food for my belly but I won't make money while I am alive because i am an artist. It all seemed so unfair that I was lumbered with this monkey on my back telling me I could not fulfil my dream as a fine artist. Then to add salt to my wound, supposedly after I am dead others will make capital gain on my poverty inflicted useless paintings that no one would pay for because it served no real value in our society. I was on my knees to heaven and asked for some direction, some wisdom and there it was a new passion was born. I was gifted to pursue my dream and no one had the right to kill my dream.

That mornings wake up call put fire in my belly and I set sail to prove the dream stealers wrong. I wrote a poem and story about my revelation and I now have a vision to paint from the insight. I plan to create the painting later in my journey ... so watch this space.

At the time of seeing all this with my new mindset made me realise I am gifted so why don't I use what I have in stock photography, old drawings, paintings and leather work to frame up, put it on a wall and built a website for the world to see and let you decide if it has appeal. Which all this in mind in 2012 I went to Melbourne in Australia to spend 2 days at a Salvador Dali exhibition where my passion was further developed at the National Gallery of Victoria. I realised I was missing out because I undervalued who I was and what I was gifted to do. I stood in front of a Rembrandt and wept my heart out. My passion was further enhanced when in conversation with my niece over a cup of coffee on the Yarra River she blurted out this profound statement. "Just paint what you want to paint and let us decide". I'm now forever grateful to Jade.

So here I am, after a long roller coaster ride of emotions, my presentation is now here for you to decide. Just buy before I die so I can pay for my own head stone as a successful artist and not have the Government foot the bill pay for a poor artists grave. Let me leave a legacy behind for other generations to be inspired by and a brand copyright that will capitalise on the financial markets desire to own a dead artists works.

Thanx to you all.


From the Heart.

I love observing human nature in all its weakness and strengths, wonders and frailty, life and mortality. To observe, inspire challenge and play is for me a God given wonder for which I am grateful to be gifted to have an opportunity to tell what I see. To me its like telling parables. What I see, I hope to inspire others to take time out as I have, to observe and express gratitude for the wonder of life in the shadow of the valley of death.

I continue to marvel at creation whether it be visual, mechanical, biological, chemical or emotional and that is where this series of works has come from and is going to. The journey of life under the manufacturers all seeing eye.


Eyes - Windows through which to see the world by. “Eyes - Windows through which to see the world by.”

Oils on canvas.

I was intrigued by the pelicans of the Kimberly Region of West Australia, seagulls at Goat Island Marine Reserve, New Zealand and an image in Australian Geographic photographed by Mike Langsford.

Inspired by the drama in the original photo, I was technically challenged by seeing how I could create a depth of field (photographic word for focus area) 3D effect. I wanted to concentrate on the eye as the centre of attention, what images are seen by the eye and how a decision is made based on the perception of what is taking place in that moment of the life in these living creatures.

Interestingly, I asked the question; Was the seagull frightened because the pelican was attacking it for being in the pelicans space? Was it frightened unnecessarily because all the pelican was doing was washing its bill or more masterly chasing an unseen fish? I will never know, but the truth is the seagull was frightened and only one reason in the 3 thoughts I have
just mentioned was worth being afraid of. A little like the unreasonable fears that sometimes invade our heart, we don't know what is a good fear to take notice of or a bad fear to reject. The natural eyes see the world, the eyes of the heart dream dreams and the eyes of the spirit hunger for truth. The greatest gift God gave to man is not sight. It is vision. Sight is a function of the eyes. Vision is a function of the heart. A disfunctional heart will fear incorrectly by what the eyes have seen and therefore the vision of life is imparied. A truly functinal heart will make decisions on sound vision and that is wisdom.

It was also a challenge to create non light areas like the black of the feathers without using black oils. Ask me how I did that and I will tell you.

Ascension - As seen by the gulls, swallows and a heron. “Ascension - As seen by the gulls, swallows and a heron.”

Oils on Canvas, mounted 3D.

Originally it was just a challenges to paint the skin details of legs with a surreal twist and the more I worked on it the more I was inspired to read the story I had heard about Jesus. I started to study who this Jesus man was all about and I was lead to marvel at the spectacle His disciples must have felt when they experienced such an abnormal phenomenon. Then it dawned on me what about the birds that were there? Religion seems to have made it seem so unreal so I kept adding to the story some of the daily earthy stuff from around my neighbourhood. The more I read the more I had to add the symbols His life means to those who have chosen to believe what he did.

It all seems so surreal, but real.

Seeds of Desire “Seeds of Desire”

Oils on Hardwood mounted proud on New Zealand Macrocarpa timber

Before a sparrow there is an egg
Before a flower there is a seed
Before a city there is a dream
Before a dream there is a mind
Before a death there is a life
Metamorphosis - you must die to be born again

Inspired by seeing huge sunflowers standing proud in a friends garden, I was challenged to photograph it with a polarizing filter on my camera to deepen the blue of the sky. When I saw the photo printed I was so stunned by the colours I knew it had to be painted. It has been an on and off project and each time I come back to it I have something more to add.

I have since added 4 more sparrows and I am painting a translucent city into the large foreground leaf. All this is related to the story I see in * Photosynthesis or * Metabolism (the science, chemistry and biology of a plant's function) which runs parallel to the passions of the human spirit. I will spell this out more when the painting is finished in all its glory. When I look past the sunflower into the sky and beyond into the universe behind the petals, I am left in awe. I worship, not the flower or creation, but the founding father, the Omniscient One discovered in the love of His Son.

Photosynthesis •
The synthesis of complex organic materials by plants from water, carbon dioxide, and inorganic salts using sunlight as the source of energy and with the aid of a catalyst such as chlorophyll
Synthesis •
The combination of parts or elements as material substances or objects of thought, into a complex whole (Chem.) the forming or building up of a more complex substance or compound by the union of elements or the combination of simpler compounds or radicals.
Metabolism •
The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.
Two kinds of metabolism are often distinguished: constructive metabolism, the synthesis of the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that form tissue and store energy, and destructive metabolism, the breakdown of complex substances and the consequent production of energy and waste matter.

A seed has to be planted, die and then it is resurrected from death to a new life. In this case, the sunflower from its seed, the sparrows from the males seed and the seeds of mans desires have built cities in which to dream dreams and play the game of life. All this could not be without the seed thought "Let us Create" of the divine father. His isolation died and a new fellowship with mankind reflects His glory. The seed sown from man and nurtured in the womb of woman has given me life after it's death to create this image. Therefore, within the seed is the purpose for life.

AMIDST THE STRESSES OF LIFE - There is joy to be found “AMIDST THE STRESSES OF LIFE - There is joy to be found”

On a resent visit to West Australia, it was my desire to find a colony of Forest Red Tailed Black Cockatoo's. This was inspired by a childhood memory and an article I had recently read that Red Tailed Black Cockatoo's might be heading toward extinction. Visiting my old boarding school, (Hale School) in Perth for some nostalgia I was surprised by a colony enjoying a meal time in the forest canopy of gum (Eucalyptus) trees above one of the car parks. What a delight. My emotions ran high, my praise was in wonder at such magnificent creatures and then directed toward thankfulness that God had favored me to be able to have my hearts desire met. The worship within my culture was toward Him for His extraordinary creative genius displayed, not only in the beauty and humor of the bird seen, but the wisdom in its diet (Eucalyptus) which is the subject of debate regarding extinction. In many cases, the unwise practices, driven by greed and unconscious knowing, that to denude the forests for our habitation and the glory of wealth without respect and replenishment of what we control is in fact a recipe for extinction of what is truly wonderful. This is from my series called "The pillars of heaven" about the joys the human spirit can find in creation with a surreal twist.

In this piece of art I have decided to continue to explore and include some of the art (visual) language of indigenous people and the story telling of their dream time. My contribution here is the river of life running through the center of a playground of ideas, dots. Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maoris, the Pacific Islanders all have a language unique to their humanness and I in no way will deliberately choose to belittle their wonder and hunger for identity but I want to include, as a Western born white (fellah) man, the wonder of their lives into my art as has been happening in the world of music for the past few decades. I am ever indebted to the Glory of God who knows culture intimately, the destructive elements in all cultures, the wonder and joys in all cultures and the need for the human spirit to worship and have culture. We are all hungry for identity and this sense of being separated from something Divine is a reality to us all, until one meets Him.

I love the vibrancy and symbolism in native arts, in particular Aboriginal dot painting. The language in Dot paintings today is recognized globally as unique and integral to Australian Aboriginal art. On the surface the dot is simply a style of Aboriginal painting, like the use of cross-hatching or stencil art used in Western art. Exploring deeper into the history of the Aboriginal dot painting a world of camouflage, secrecy and ritual is discovered. What the Aboriginal depicted in their desire to worship from culture I now use and explore the visual medium from my culture to tell the stories of what I see. I am indebted to the Great Divine for the Aboriginals wisdom in story telling and the simple use of what was at hand to make their worship visible.



The breeze

A zephyr through the night
Kisses the aspirations of dawn

Birds wing there way in light

Thoughts of love and tenderness
Have lighted in my soul
The Man of Peace has sown his seed

To fill my empty bowl


This poem was inspired after watching the news on TV and listening to all the stress, the blame, the fears, the pain in loss or feared loss I began to reflect on 'Why is money such a curse to us all'. Greed, avarice, pride of position? One day it's worth everything and the next it's worth diddly squat (nothing) and some will murder, lie and cheat just to have more of it than their neighbor. We feel insecure without it because we don't trust as a little child where our next meal is coming from. We have lost our faith. It does and it doesn't make sense. When I was later considering this I noted what a wonderful world we live in and how easy it is to get lost in the cares of daily stress so we miss out how to enjoy the beauty as a child does. I thought a little bit of light hearted surreal with some images that I had already used in other works and this is the result.

If you are like me you need to be continuously reminded to let it go and walk in the fields of imagination without feeling guilty for past failures. When you choose to dwell on the positives in life you are more adept to make the right choice to enhance the wonders of what the Divine has given us to enjoy. Your bowl of inspiration becomes full with fresh images again.

I am considering taking this further down the road of surreal into a more developed story of living in the fields of aspirations as a fully fledged oil painting. WATCH THIS SPACE.