Manuel Fernandez

Manuel Fernandez

Location: Venezuela

Self-taught draftsman & painter, born in Venezuela. Currently living in Mexico.




Drawings in Paper with Pencils

Open the Eyes “Open the Eyes”

Paper & Pencils 50x35 cm

Tio Simon “Tio Simon”

Paper & Pencils 50x70 cm

Cesta con Tres Manzanas “Cesta con Tres Manzanas”

Paper & Pencils 33,5x48 cm

Nathalie “Nathalie”

Paper & Pencils 44x35 cm

Juana Huecas “Juana Huecas”

Paper & Pencils 35x25 cm

Mujer “Mujer”

Paper & Pencils 44x35 cm

Penelope “Penelope”

Paper & Pencils 50x35 cm

Jiddu Krishnamurti “Jiddu Krishnamurti”

Paper & Pencils 50x35 cm

Catrina B&W “Catrina B&W”

Pencils on Paper 38x30 cm

Horse Eye “Horse Eye”

Pencils on Paper 48x33,5 cm

The King “The King”

Pencil and white charcoal on paper 57x41,7 cm

Marcelline “Marcelline”

Pencil on Paper 50x33 cm

Mecapaleros “Mecapaleros”

Pencil on Paper 50x37 cm


Paper & Watercolours

Las Botellas Fantasticas “Las Botellas Fantasticas”

Paper & Watercolours 45,5x30,5 cm.

El Bodegón Azulado “El Bodegón Azulado”

Paper & Watercolours 30,5x45,5 cm.

Mandela, La Paz sin Justicia “Mandela, La Paz sin Justicia”

Paper & Watercolours 49x77 cm

La Puerta del Convento “La Puerta del Convento”

Paper & Watercolours 30,5x45,5 cm

Mi Media Sandia “Mi Media Sandia”

Paper & Watercolours 38x56 cm

Rojo y Rosa “Rojo y Rosa”

Paper & Watercolours 26x36 cm

La Virgen de Guadalupe “La Virgen de Guadalupe”

Paper & Watercolours 45,5x30,5 cm

Juego “Juego”

Paper & Watercolours 30,5x45,5 cm

Paisaje Danford “Paisaje Danford”

Paper & Watercolours 39x28,5 cm

Glenn Miller “Glenn Miller”

Paper & Watercolours 30,5x45,5 cm.

Catrina “Catrina”

Watercolour on Paper 26x36 cm

Nafé Faaipoipo of Paul Gauguin “Nafé Faaipoipo of Paul Gauguin”

Watercolour on Paper 43,5x33,5 cm

Tauromaquia “Tauromaquia”

Watercolour on Paper 31x48 cm

Anonymous Heroes “Anonymous Heroes”

Watercolour on Paper 76x56 cm

Mozart “Mozart”

Watercolor on Paper 47,5x29,5 cm

Lilies “Lilies”

Paper & Watercolours 45,5x30,5 cm

Golden Eagle “Golden Eagle”

Watercolor on Paper 45,5x30,5 cm

Music and Joy “Music and Joy”

Watercolor on Paper 45,5x30,5 cm

Ketchup “Ketchup”

Watercolor on Paper 30,5x45,5 cm