Audie Dunham

Audie Dunham


Beginning Life as an Artist
Audie Dunham’s artistic life began in Roswell, New Mexico, where he grew up. He started receiving accolades almost as soon as he was able to pick up a brush. At seventeen, Audie entered a juried show at the Roswell Museum and Art Center and took home the Grand Prize. Two of the jurists were noted artists Peter Hurd and Georgia O’Keefe. He has now painted for well over half a century.

Experiencing the Corporate World
When Audie married at 22, he was forced to turn to a daytime career in business. This took him from Cape Canaveral and the Apollo Space Program to international management consulting and training. Along the way he held senior leadership positions at Boeing, Xerox, Federated Department Stores, and Wilson Learning Corporation where he was the CEO. However, he’s never given up painting – for fun…and for profit.

Current Approach to Art
Audie refers to his work as contemporary impressionism with a good deal of expressionism thrown in. He coined the phrase MontagePortraits™ several years ago to define a style of portraiture work where traces of a person’s backstory are blended into the painting's background.
You can see the enchantment of the Southwest in many of his paintings; however, he’s evolved a style that transcends his geographic origin. His finished works today involve multiple layers of acrylic paint and gels, archival inks, and occasionally water-based oils or gouache. He also often uses varnish or art resin to add vibrancy, depth and character, as well as protection for his paintings.

Formally trained in Fine Art at City College of San Francisco and the University of New Mexico, his paintings are/have been on display in numerous corporate settings and are currently in the possession of more than twenty-five private collectors throughout the country.



My abstract paintings merge bold and subtle colors, visual movement, and large and small shapes that evoke interesting emotional and conceptual backstories. Most of my abstract paintings a large images (12 square foot or more) that display an array of depth, character and intrigue.

Waves of Disruption “Waves of Disruption”

Waves of chaos, disruption, and unexpected change keep coming at us with increasing speed and intensity. And, this appears to be the case across the entire universe.

Full Moon Over Hawaii “Full Moon Over Hawaii”

The inhospitable terrain of a still-forming earth coexisting with abundant amounts of paradise. Just one of the myriad wonders this planet offers for us to experience.

Alternate Universes “Alternate Universes”

The latest observations of behavior of our universe shortly after the “Big Bang” have led scientists to theorize that there, in fact. may be multiple / alternate / parallel universes which could lead to a completely new view of of the physical laws that govern our existence.

Brazilian Sunrise “Brazilian Sunrise”

When one thinks of Brazil; sunshine, beaches, brilliant colors, beautiful women, and a carnival atmosphere come to mind – especially in Rio De Janeiro.

A New Beginning “A New Beginning”

Out of chaos comes new directions, new possibilities, colorful new beginnings.