Sbva Studio

SBVA Studio

Location: India

Entrepreneur and a trained project manager, when not troubleshooting projects at work, I like to spend time painting and creating fine art images. A trained photographer, I earned Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society, UK in 2016 and have been pursuing photography since 2013. I have exhibited in various photography exhibitions over the years and received honourable mentions. An artist at heart, I also like to paint and since 2018 have been building up my portfolio- a potpourri of impasto abstracts , landscapes , still life & figurative works. For enquiries on custom works or buying original works please visit For recent works follow on


SBVA Studio

A keen student of art, I like to experiment with various mediums & techniques while creating a visual narrative of the subject, be it in frame or on canvas.

Buds (Monochrome) “Buds (Monochrome)”

A High key B&W composite photograph of buds.

Road less travelled “Road less travelled”

A surreal photograph taken with lensbaby creative lens system

Inward (2019) “Inward (2019)”

An impasto abstract painting done with acrylic colours using palette knives on 24 x 30 inch canvas board.

Catching a dream (2020) “Catching a dream (2020)”

‘Catching a Dream’ (2020) - A Dream is a visual experience at an intersection where conscious and subconscious thoughts of the dreamer converge to generate fleeting moments, some blurred and some vivid. To catch a dream is what a dreamer struggles for. The artwork is a representation of that attempt to catch those fleeting moments, memories , experiences in a dream. Dark background represents the deep state of sleep , the random blurred lines represents the time lapse, birds represent the moments , experiences and the hands represent the dreamer attempting to catch hold of these moments. Created using Acrylics on 24 in x 30 in, canvas board.

Mental Map II “Mental Map II”

‘Mental Map II’ - Second in the series of mental maps based on abstract visualisation of behavioural geography. The white cross marks the start point and red cross the end destination. Viewers can use their imagination to choose their preferred route to destination imagining obstacles as well as point of interests on the map. Acrylics on 60 x 60 cm (24 x 24 in ) canvas board.