Sarang Bhand

Sarang Bhand

Location: India

An ardent nature lover, avid traveller & a passionate photographer. Co-owner of a technology driven company engaged in sustainable environment management practices. I'm a marketing graduate & a certified project manager. I started Photography few years back, what started as a weekend hobby has escalated in a strong passion.
I learned my photography from Dr. Caesar's photography in 2013 and have been associated with Team DCP since. Secured Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society, UK in June 2016 and also, successfully completed Image analysis course from Photographic Society of America in Sept 2016.
I strongly feel nature & wildlife photography is not only about documenting the natural history moments but also about creating awareness & sensitivity towards conservation of environment & its biodiversity.
I wish to develop my body-of-work as a portfolio of Fine Art images to present an artistic impression, a visual stimulus for the viewers rather than photographic documentation of the subject.

"A keen student of photography, I’m still exploring the Art & love to experiment with new techniques" - Sarang Bhand



Prakruti Anukruti

The name for the portfolio has been adopted from coining two words from Sanskrit language that translates to Prakruti (Nature) & Anukruti (Imagery). As the portfolio is dedicated to nature & wildlife images hence the title, 'Prakruti Anukruti' was chosen after deliberation. The portfolio is work-in-progress, that exhibits my previous & recent works.

Extinction (Triptych Stories Series) “Extinction (Triptych Stories Series) ”

Pollinators such as bees all across the globe are declining due to various factors, predominantly because of loss of habitat, over use of pesticides, air pollution etc. Pollinators help in plant reproduction. Their decline would result in decline in flowering plants and finally extinction of such species.

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Flame Throated Bulbul (Digital Nature Series) “Flame Throated Bulbul (Digital Nature Series)”

​We are living in a digital age. With augmented reality making its way in our daily lives, we have started distancing ourselves from nature. As development is picking its pace, we are loosing our forest covers, our grasslands & water bodies rapidly. That day is not far in future that our children may get to see flora & fauna only in the digital realm. This series 'Digital Nature' is just an attempt to represent such hypothesis and create awareness amongst the viewers to think about conservation and sustainable development. After all, our actions today will shape the future for our children.

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Prakruti Purush “Prakruti Purush”

Prakruti (Nature) & Purush (Soul) is a dualist philosophy of Sankhya Hinduism. Jiva (a living being) is a state wherein purush (Soul) is bonded to prakruti (Nature). For me, it's living in harmony with Nature.