Jonathan Peter Smith


►Personal Details:

• Jonathan Peter Smith (b.1981, Britain)
• I am a part-time self-employed artist currently living and working in Worthing, West Sussex.
•Contact e-mail:
•Contact phone: 01903 216151 (message service)


•Tutors I studied under include: Stewart Geddes, Stass Paraskos, Julian Le Bas and have had a tutorial with Basil Beattie.

•2005-2006 Post-Graduate Diploma – Painting (full-time)
The Cyprus College of Art, Lemba, Paphos, Cyprus. 2005-6

•2001-2004 BA (Hons) Fine Art-Painting (full-time) - 2:1
Union Place, Northbrook College, Worthing

•2000-2001 OCN Certificate in Painting (evening classes) - Distinction
Union Place, Northbrook College, Worthing

•2000-2001 OCN Certificate in Life drawing (evening classes) - Distinction
Union Place, Northbrook College, Worthing

•1998-2000 BTEC ND Graphic Design and Illustration (full time)- Merit Plus
Northbrook College, Littlehampton
Road, West Durrington

•2000-2001 Art History Examination - Distinction Plus
BTEC ND Graphic Design and Illustration (full time)
Union Place, Northbrook College, Worthing

•1998-2000 AS Level Art and Design-Photography
Northbrook College, Littlehampton Road, West Durrington

•1998 GCSE Art – A Grade

Scholarship Awards:

RSBA (Royal Society of British Artists) Rome scholarship award in Sussex - to study the art, architecture and history in Rome, in 2004, staying at the British School of Rome.

►Select Exhibitions:

•The CGP Gallery by the Lake, Southwark Park, Bermondsey, London, 2002
•Lewisham Art house Gallery, London, 2002

•Free Range, London, 2004
•Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, Worthing, 2004

•Solo show at The Cyprus College of Art, Lemba, Paphos, Cyprus, 2005 and 2006

I exhibit annually and regularly in solo and group shows in my town of Worthing, and Shoreham.

►Private Collections/ Sales:

Sold 15 paintings in the last 12 months.

Including to many priests

• 11 Private Collections in Britain (ex. one collector has 9 of his painting, others have 3)
•Gran Canaria

•And one in a public space in Brighton

►Press/ Catalogues:

•2006 Cyprus Group Catalogue publishing my statement and statement.

•2006 My paintings mentioned, as part of the Cyprus Group Exhibition in the Sunday Express magazine, free with the Sunday Express newspaper.

•2004 Degree Group Catalogue.

•2002 My paintings and profile mentioned, as part of a Group Exhibition in the Worthing Herald.


Recent Paintings 2016


I create semi-autonomous, semi-abstract paintings that create a layered (including collaged layers), complex, visual and textural feast or harmony and breathe with their own personality/soul and history.

My paintings are to be experienced as physical abstract realities: wondrous entities with a life of their own, being essentially about the abstraction of the painting itself (colour, form, textures and rhythm). But they always derive from actual places: a tangible (mostly visual) experience that I have had in a natural landscape or urban environment (often the two combined in one place) and often with a sense of history within the place.

Many of my paintings involve a multi-experiential and conceptual sense of a place, whilst maintaining the semi-autonomy of the painting.

Shoreham-by-Sea (Abstract Painting)' $331.60 (+ delivery costs) “Shoreham-by-Sea (Abstract Painting)' $331.60 (+ delivery costs)”

‘Shoreham-by-Sea (Abstract Painting)’, 2016, 23 x 32.7 cm, unframed, Artist’s High Quality Acrylic on card $331. 60/ £250 (+ Delivery costs), or signed A5 mounted print for £9

As with all my paintings, this work is about the pure abstraction of the painting itself: colour, texture, form and shape all to be experienced as an ‘abstract reality’ in its own right; but is always derived from and is based on a specific tangible place in reality that I have experienced; combing a sense of place with pure abstraction.

This painting is based on the coastal town of Shoreham, and was inspired from my visual memories of being a passenger in a car driving through that town. This painting combines many different multi-views and glimpses of my visual experiences from that journey moving through that space: from driving over the bridge over the water, seeing brand new flats next to very old historical buildings, the palpable presence and sense of history of that place and the harbour, the boats and rippling water, the exact colours of houses, the different textures between brand new buildings and very old ones, the translucency of the water and forms of houses and the bridge – all of these details are in this picture.

But as with all my work, I am faithful to the way that painting has its own autonomous life and reality at the same time – and can be experienced as such.

My aim always is to create a visual and visceral feast for the eyes to enjoy, and what visually excited my eyes in Shoreham on that journey – I have recreated that essence of what I experienced.

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