Brian Avadka Colez artist who creates ultra bright digital and acrylic paintings. Avadka Colez on youtube.


Recent Works

Paintings and digitals since 2014.

Think To Hope “Think To Hope”

Acrylic painting on mat board 16 x 16.6 inches 2016
Featured in Aesthetica Magazine and Aesthetica Magazine Directory of Artists 12/16

Skeleton in Fountain “Skeleton in Fountain”

Acrylic with minimal glitter on canvas. 28 x 22. 2017.

Intricate Shine “Intricate Shine”

Acrylic Painting on Canvas. 2016.

Chicken Permesan “Chicken Permesan”

Acrylic painting on mat board 22.7 x 17.9 inches.

Catacylsm “Catacylsm”

Acrylic painting over digital. 36 x 30 inches. 2017. Award Winning. 3rd place (tie) abstract expressionism. American Art Awards 2017.

Glitter Eruption “Glitter Eruption”

Acrylic and minimal glitter painting on canvas. 30 x 30 inches. 2017.

Harmony “Harmony”

Digital image. Prints can be available.