An artist who loves to paint colorful stories. My words and colors are entangled to usher warmth into your soul. I am very passionate about painting, writing and falling in love with the emotions associated with it.


Embracing self

Embrace your shadow!!! At times we feel sad, lonely and Quite a lot of uncomfortable emotions. They are a part of us! Let’s embrace it. We learn to love “all “of us.

Self love “Self love ”

Love all of you !

Silence “Silence”

As the moonlight draws the curtain,
hiding the freckles of the otherwise glowing clouds,
I envelope your being wherever you are.

Like a dream amidst the twinkling stars
And a flickering candle against the black drop.

I am the pause that refuses to slide off your from your mouth, after it glides through your mind.
A two sided friend who marks the presence during your rain and your shine.

I love to be your tranquil shadow.
Yet at times, I feel comfortable when I'm slithered apart.

I am the unspoken word after your pause
Or the quietness that engulfs your chaos.
I may be an aftermath of a weary & disintegrated swing,
Or the muffled whimper of a broken wing.

I am the muteness of your nothings
And momentary stillness of your everything..


Walk with me, hold my hands, show me the world you see,  teach me all that you love.
For we love each other and all that brings us together.

Son shine “Son shine ”

In you I see the moon, I see the stars, I see the milky way,
I see the beauty of mountains, trees, and water.
I breath in the fresh air and my lungs inflate in joy.
That is why you are my eternal "son-shine" and I am a mother!!

Harmony “Harmony ”

woman is the most integral and beautiful part of a man’s life. She might be a mother, sister, friend, partner or wife. She is a source of calmness and positive energy and a silver lining during the clouds of doubt. So is a man to her. Acknowledging each other’s significance makes life peaceful.
A man and a woman can coexist with equal rights and opportunities.
They can very well share same interests. The proof of such a wonderful union is Ardhanareshwaran. Their passion for dance and acceptance of each other’s qualities are the elemental principles of living together in harmony.


The creator and his creations are beyond the realms of our imagination. What we know about the creator is just a drop in the ocean. He tells us to believe in him and do what we are expected to do, not being bothered about the results.

Gita “Gita”

Just surrender.

Peace “Peace ”

Seek peace within you. The world will help you. God has created wonderful creations to drench you in warmth and peace.

Nature “Nature”

Nature is a giver.

Meditation “Meditation ”

Seeking knowledge about self