Gyenis Éda

Gyenis Éda

Location: Hungary


My works

My works in the last 1 year with pen, acrylic and computer.

Lovers in hats “Lovers in hats”

acrylic on canvas

Only a bouquet “Only a bouquet”

acrylic on canvas

Mom's hug “Mom's hug”

acrylic on canvas

When blue bird doesn't fly “When blue bird doesn't fly”

acrylic on canvas

Sad girl “Sad girl”

acrylic on paper

Dark moon “Dark moon”

acrylic and pen on paper

Little dreamer “Little dreamer”

acrylic on canvas, 30x30cm

Up “Up”

acrylic on canvas ( 30x30cm)

Flowering “Flowering”

acrylic, pen (70x100cm)

Touch the taw again “Touch the taw again”

acrylic, pen on canvas 50x70cm

Paintings 2019

Flower of fool “Flower of fool”

acrylic, 70x100cm

Bleeding moon “Bleeding moon”

acrylic, 50x70

Dreamer night “Dreamer night”

acrylic on paper, 20x30cm

Futuredreamers “Futuredreamers”

acrylic, pen 50x70cm

Nightfall “Nightfall”

acrylic, pen 50x70cm

Girl with dog “Girl with dog”

acrylic, pen 50x70cm

Yellow hat “Yellow hat”

acrylic, pen, 30x40cm

Little bird “Little bird”

acrylic, pen, 30x40cm

Waiting “Waiting”

acrylic, pen, 50x70cm

Girl in the window “Girl in the window”

acrylic, pen, 60x70cm