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paolo bongianino

Location: Italy

Paolo Bongianino was born in Trivero, 1956, he lives in Milan, Italy, he is married with two children.
He received his first camera in the early sixties, since then he never gave up looking at the world around him through the lens of his camera with curiosity and attention.
After a career in management he decided, also considering the economic downturn Italy has been suffering in the last decade, to devote his time to photography and fine art prints. All his works are printed only in fine art ink jet printing in limited edition on top quality cotton paper, the only exception being the “mini fine art prints”, A4 prints on cotton paper without quantity limitation.
In his opinion “the image only is not enough, it must somehow move the imagination of the viewer and emotion him: only in this way I can say I reached my target when I shot. This contemporaneity does not always happen, but it happens even more often than I can imagine. Image and emotion: this is the summary of my approach to photography.”
“immaginiedemozioni”, “images&emotions” is the brand name chosen by Paolo Bongianino for presenting his works on Facebook and on the internet (”) where all contact details are available.

Paolo Bongianino has his own page in PhotoVogue site, where 39 works are displayed having been approved by the site curators, the address of the page is:

From November 25th to December 11th Bongianino exhibited in a solo exhibition named “Paolo Bongianino: images & emotions” at Made4Art Gallery in Milan.
From December 11th to January 10th he exhibited in a solo exhibition named “Paolo Bongianino: emotions & images” and at Castelli Gallery & Gourmet in Milan.
From May 26th to June 8th he exhibited in the Group Exhibition PHOTOGRAPHY NOW in London at The Brick Lane Gallery presenting his “2 in 1” peculiar photographic collection for the first time.
From July 7th to 28th he performed at the Group Exhibition REPARTIE IN ART at Agora Gallery in New York presenting his “Landscape Collection”.
From September 15th to 29th during Photofestival and Expo 2015 he performed at a solo exhibition named “Arbor Arboris: Homage to the Tree of Life” at Made4Art Gallery in Milan.
From December 1st to February 15th, 2016 he is exposing a few selected works, including some “2 in 1” artworks, at Gaudì Gallery in Madrid, Spain.
From January 28th to February 1st, he exhibited at Artefiera 2016 in Bologna, Italy, as a solo artist in the M4A (Made for Art) stand with a selection of artworks coming from the collections “2in1”, “Fogs” and “Arbor, Arboris”.
From February 26th to 29th he exhibited some artworks, including some “2 in 1”, at the Affordable Art Fair in Bruxelles, Belgium.
From April 11th to May 6th, during the Fuorisalone del Mobile - Milan Design Week, he performed a solo exhibition named “Paolo Bongianino – Selected Artworks” at Bocconi Palace in Milan.
In 2016 he has been regularly present in the Saatchi Art website with a selection of artworks designed for the international art sales market.
ARTEFIERA 2017, Bologna, Italy, January 27th to 30th, 2017 presenting a new project on OASI ZEGNA a private natural reserve developed by the Zegna family owner of the Zegna men’s cloth brand and factories
Participation to a solo exhibition at Galérie Artitude in Paris, France, from February 2nd to 13th with a selection of artworks.
MIA PHOTO FAIR, March 9th to 12th, 2018 in Milan, Group participation with Made4Art Gallery
SPERANZAPERMILANO, April 16th to 29th, 2018 in Milan, solo exhibition

All works are for sale


The Sun and Moon project

The Sun & Moon Project finds the reason for being developed from one side on the wide appreciation that these works have among the viewers and, on the other, in the uniqueness of each single shot which, even if reproducing natural phenomena being repeated, day after day, since the beginning of centuries counting, result always unique, never the same and unrepeatable.
Sunsets and sunrises are phenomena which happen in any area of living or scenery: seaside, mountain places, cities, industrial or agricultural environments are the sets where sun and moon alternate their presence in the sky offering unique visions which fascinate and amaze the viewers both in reality and pictures.
The ever changing conditions of light and shadows offer light and clouds, colours and nuances plays which are set off in the reproduced image thanks to the careful post production work aimed to exploit scenery which might look common and without prominence.
Sometime, in this ongoing project, the opportunity arise to shot a landscape already pictured in the past getting, due to the different season or weather or light conditions, different works with some common elements.
Landscapes may be part of the project, although not including the sun or the moon in the shot, if they offer colours of the sky and of the clouds fascinating and enchanting the observer.
Sun and Moon is an indefinite and open pathway growing and being enriched whenever the chance of new works arise as the result of fortuity of events rather than the planned and studied research of new images.

Doors, windows, doorways and couryards

The “Doors, windows, doorways and courtyards” project is part of my personal research of evocative images of lived moods or source of emotions and thoughts. The various elements considered are part of the building industry, a continuously developing activity.
Doors, windows and doorways are the elements that, within the inside-outside border lining, allow the passage, doors and doorways, or allows looking out or the passing through of light, the windows.
With a closer look since ever, since humankind has left caves and ravines, to find protection and shelter in ad hoc built environments, being either huts or castles, the elements considered by the project have been used and had good reasons to be used. As a matter of fact the need to “define” the living environment, the protected area of the “shelter”, required from one side to define the spaces, restricting access and the view inside, always allowing in any case to enter and exit and, from the other side, where required, to allow in outside light and the possibility of changing the air of the rooms
When I realize my target, creating emotions through my works, the viewer of my shots uses his imagination to attempt to visualize, at least mentally, what is in the spaces inside precluded from sight: doors and windows type, dimensions and decorations provide significant clues of what we cannot see. Doorways, thanks to their huge sizes and workmanship, offer further insights and assessment elements of both the interior and the type of dwelling in which they are placed.
Doors and doorways can look out on views, exterior, but even more, interior, full of charm and mystery: many questions may arise from the vision of a set consisting of the artefact, its decoration and the elements surrounding it.
Courtyards, open spaces bordered by buildings and boundary walls, are today, unfortunately, frequently converted to simple and anonymous parking places for vehicles, while, time ago, and not so far, were gathering places for adults and children. The former busy in working activities or simply devoted to chatting or resting, the latter frequently playing, plays nowadays not anymore alive. My works can be the incentive to retrace mentally and in emotional terms the past.

The elements considered by the project can be simple architectural elements or be little works of art, depending by the context and on how the owner, the developer and the architect have intended to make them visible. However, the same practical functionality remains and, as far as my work is concerned, the evocative and emotional appearance: not all items object of the research are equally evocative and emotional a careful selection and evaluation is required in order to capture the significant aspects for the goal that the research aims.
When evaluating the subjects to be shot I deem important to consider that doors, doorways and windows in addition to marking areas of passage are the "thermometer" measuring how the building in which are inserted is treated and maintained: frequently time wears and slowly deteriorates them. Care, maintenance and attentions can make the difference both in appearance and in the durability and functionality and the images are objective evidence of these aspects as well as the emotional aspects and emotional catalyst for the observer.
On the other hand the effects of time and the deterioration of materials will help to uncover the material quality of them offering a vision of the artefacts and their ruins that otherwise would not be in any way verified. Even this view may be reason for emotions, even strong, reflecting on the past and the experience of those who were user of what today is no longer usable.
A theme that I consider useful and partly on its own is that of the great gates, often placed in major facades: always in wood, are frequently replaced with modern artefacts that have nothing to do with the past. Document how our grandparents and ancestors built them is, I believe, a duty for those who believe that the past serves or may serve as lessons for the future. Unfortunately when dismantled are lost forever. For these the evocative-emotional appearance combines with a no less significant documentary aspect. Even for these remain the allure of what they conceal and what is hidden behind their surfaces, it is required to be able to imagine and perhaps dream a little.
The images that follow are intended to provide a brief overview of what has been collected and documented.

Details and Geometries

With the Details & Geometries project, I am going to offer works, which, starting from common scenarios, items and situations, emphasize aspects, shapes and colours otherwise ignored, to achieve evocative images, to be used as decorative elements.
The works of this project are not shot by chance: in fact if they are sometime the result of an intuition, of a glance and of a fortuitous event they are also, probably in most cases, the result of the ability to imagine, at the time of observing the scene which will be reproduced, how a detail, a single element or a play of light and shadows, can develop in the work which will be later offered.
Some examples might ease the understanding of the above statement.
A roof of brick tiles covered with snow is for sure a common and anonymous image. The same roof framed obliquely can be offered and seen by the viewer as a graphic work worth to be hung to a wall.
In the same way, bricks worn out by the wind and sea salt, if lighted and framed in an unconventional way, can be conveniently part of this project.
A female figure, from the back, wearing a straw hat, under the summer sun, thanks to the contrasts and to the shadows of the pattern of the hat can be a subject part of this project. The lighting conditions allow to finalize the desired picture, highlighting the mentioned elements in order to get an highly evocative work of a moment of life, of the pleasure of sun and of holiday time.
The rest of a red brick eroded by the sea on a grey sand beach: common people might only notice the contrasting colour of it on the beach sand, while by adequately cutting the image it is possible to obtain, thanks to contrast and shadows, a new subject within the Details and Geometries project.
The green cap of a plastic bottle in the same colour on the back-ground of summer vegetation it is a nameless and meaningless subject, the image cut, combined with lightning set to highlight the top part of the bottle and the cap change the sight perception allowing to shot a decorative work nearly a monochrome.

Fog and nature

Fog and nature Portfolio is aimed to display natra t its best. When the fog covers the sight we enter in the area of dreaming and imagination. We see and at the sane time the sight is hidden: our mind can work and help the viewer to imagine his own land or seascape.

It is the sensual and captivating charm of the "I see and I do not see", of the "I know what is hidden and I help with the imagination", almost a winking, seductive and unconventional portrait: the glamor of the landscape, proposed with sensitivity and attention in the respect for the subject, which is enhanced by the different interpretation of lights, shadows and colors.


A portfolio of works which can be used to produce walpaper on demand for decorative use.
The high resolution files allow to display on a wall the image.
The wallpaper is supplied ready for application in standard width rolls, different supports are available.
Price to be quoted
Short delivery terms
Can be shipped anywhere

old window “old window”

an old industrial building, still fitted with machinery and old artifacts, the sun is lighting a windows whose glass are dirty and not fully transparent, just a faded view... you can dream and wonder about the past

round window “round window”

an architectural detail in an abandoned factory in northern Italy