Balog Marianna "mana"

Balog Marianna   "Mana"

Location: Hungary

I’m Marianna Balog, I was born in Hungary in 1967, I loved to draw with colored pencil when I was a child. I learned the basics of classikal painting from Sándor Korompáky. I further trained myself in a self-taught way. I like the pure colors, different textures. For me, painting is a spiritual return to the origins .I express my feelings and thoughts through a specific way of seeing. My mission-consciousness is painting. My works have been successfully in several exhibitions in Győr, Budapest and New York.
I would like to end the introduktion with a quote.
„ The artist who surrenders himself to God, who truly acknowledges that his talent is a gift from above, he suddenly experiences, that God is start to create from through it. „ (András Simon)
Hungary, Győr Kortárs Gallery 2017
Hungary,Győr, Czinege Gallery 20118
Group exhibitions:
Hungary: Art Festival Budapest,2019
Hungary, Evangelical National Museum.Budape
Hungary, Darabanth Auction House, Budapest, 2019/2020
Hungary: Gold Brush Art Gallery, Budapest, 2020
Hungary:Downtown Art Gallery, Budapest, 2020
New York. People and Painting, Exhibition: Emotion in a Pain


Happiness 100x120 oil, canvas

Happy man when he spends a pozitive feeling and can't he straightens his mouth.

Happiness 100x120 oil, canvas “Happiness 100x120 oil, canvas”

Happy man when he spends a pozitive feeling and can't he straightens his mouth.

Flow 240x100 oil, canvas “Flow 240x100 oil, canvas”

When we flow with the universe we can be succeessful.

Unkonditional love 70x90 oil, canvass (2) “Unkonditional love 70x90 oil, canvass (2)”

To love someone unconditionally means I don’t condition my love as I accept as it.

Flaming 70x90 oil,canvas “Flaming 70x90 oil,canvas”

To blase for someone with a glowing passion to love

Love 70x90 oil, canvas “Love 70x90 oil, canvas”

The true love overcomes everything! Only man has positive thoughts at this time, that is everything.