Margaret Levin-oster (aka Ferraro)

Biography of Margaret Oster (a.k.a. Ferraro)

Margaret Oster was born in Brazil and raised in a family of artists who immigrated to the United States of America in 1959, making New York their Home State.

She began her art studies at the High School of Art and Design in New York and was awarded a scholarship to the California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) Oakland, California.

Margaret furthered her art study in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil with Brazilian and German Masters private tutors from the Escola of Belas Artes, but pursued a career in Marketing and Advertising, making fine arts a hobby in which she experimented with an array of mediums and techniques until she fell in love with the airbrush.

Margaret received her artistic inspirations in both Brazil and United States where she lived for short periods of times. In 1985, she was residing in New Jersey where she created a collection titled La Mystérieux which was published and distributed nationwide and abroad.

Her collection was displayed at the New York Art Expo, sponsored by her publisher, Scafa Art Tornabene Publishing Company. Her Unicorn Fantasy Art was also published in limited edition Bradford Collectible Plates.
Margaret is best known as Ferraro which immediately links her to one of the finest airbrush artist in her generation.

Margaret moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico in 1996 where once again she shifted her career into portraying her airbrush fantasy art in a different surface, that being motorcycles and lowrider cars. Her work has won best of show in motorcycle exhibits and best international low rider mural artist in Las Vegas, NV.

She became the airbrush wiz among her clients, peers and was featured on several national and international magazine publications.

Margaret recently began painting on canvas once again, still using her airbrush techniques and once again transporting herself into her fantasy world, yet focusing on ethereal visionary artworks which emphasize on dynamic human emotions thus celebrating the connection of soul beyond the shell of the physical world.


A paradox of our time

Climate change is probably the most complex and pressing issues of our time, so it feels timely to make an art series that depicts a visual behind this most misunderstood subject.
From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale.
As an artist I have internalized this remarkable relationship with climate change by adorning my images with the threat of global disasters yet offering a glimpse of hope once we realize that it is solely up to us to bring awareness to a difficult topic we all face.

Violation “Violation”

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota relentlessly defended their ancestral homeland and the
full environmental impact with regards to the Dakota Access Pipeline that would run through their land and potentially
impact their water supply.

Amazonia - Mother Earth in Distress “Amazonia - Mother Earth in Distress”

Brazil has the largest number of so-called uncontacted
indigenous people. And these are the folks that are at-risk
with forest fires and also other manifestations of the assault
on the Amazon right now, including land invasion, illegal logging, and illegal mining.

When will nature return? “When will nature return?”

This painting depicts the paradox of our time. It portrays the conflicts we face as we unconsciously surrender to the hidden forces that pollute our souls.
We have become programmable robotic beings that are driven by multiplying our possessions and increasing our profits without our children’s future in our thoughts.
We are divided by political and economic warfare.
This ultimately lowers our morals and we indulge in compulsive behaviors that provide instant gratification, silence the turmoil within our hearts, and shadow the essence of our being.
It is imperative that we break free from the false pretenses that hold us captive to the darkness of a world that emanates so much suffering, corruption, injustice and betrayal.
We all possess, deep in our hearts and minds, the freedom to explore and re-discover our Almighty's path to spiritual enlightenment by channeling our emotions and life towards a benevolent light of divine energy that fosters our understanding of what it means to be human.
Through this insight, we can generate a new peaceful world in which to exist.
With this simple intuitive grasp of truth, our souls and hearts can come together
in a sublime united fashion, enabling us to obtain unlimited proportions of peace, love and joy,
and allowing us to be carried into a much greater and deeper purpose in life.

Tears for Africa “Tears for Africa”

Tears for Africa
Due to the depletion in the ozone layer, there is an ever
increasing rise in atmospheric temperature in certain places.
Countries that experience little rainfall have an even greater scarcity
of rainfall. The increasing rate of evaporation from the soil and vegetation
leads to drought in Africa.
Some 2.6 million people have been displaced by the climate crisis in
Africa and more than 200 elephants have died amid a severe drought.

And she persisted “And she persisted”

And she persisted
The tree-dwelling species has been ravaged by the effects of rising
temperatures and heatwaves, which have caused widespread deforestation
and fatal dehydration in koalas.
While the fires raged in Australia; one empathetic little girl, in her child-like
innocence, imagined another habitat for the Koalas to save them from
She persisted and they trustingly came to enter the portal that lead to t
heir safety, thus savoring the beginning of a new life where her pure and
generous heart will forever keep them thriving and graciously honoring
her efforts to re-create what once was.

Hope not Fear “Hope not Fear”

The Corona Virus Pandemic transformed our lives, by quickly changing the way we behave as a society.
With so much anxiety and fear circulating the world right now as we simultaneously reduce physical
distance, loneliness presents a challenge for us, especially children who find themselves facing the unknown.
It is imperative that in our current situation; we nurture our children with love and hope by creating a caring environment where they feel safe to express their emotions. As terrifying as the pandemic may be, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel as we, in a global reaction, strive to overcome all the uncertainty surrounding the future of our planet as a whole.