Margarita Feaks

Margarita Feaks is a self taught emerging artist from beautiful county of Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. She’s married, self employed, and curator of Master of Art International ™ - Discover The Wonder Of Art ™.

She had an ability to change style, color and perception and move effortless through different platform of exploration.

She depicted aboriginal artwork comes from the root word “Aborigines” describe as the first people in the world and recognizing their existence in the modern world of history turns to be the most collectable painting which attracts incredible value.

After she finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration then taken Bachelor of Science of Computer Science afterwards, never in her mind her journey takes place to get involve and depicting an Australian Aboriginal Art.

Through her mysterious travel to seek exploration of Australia whom she personally attended Painting Classes with the Aborigines in Ayers Rock Australia way back February 2009 with extreme interest in this subject leads her into deeper involvement in return to England.

Since then she made contribution by participating various worldwide painting competition and exhibition in England, America and Australia. She said, “My goal is to give the highest quality of work, 100 % original design and genuinely hand painted using acrylic as media with full pledge of Authenticity signed and sealed. I am offering you a piece of history in a form of painting in modern architecture”.

“Loving and respect the life and beliefs of Aborigines. We hear too many times or seen in documentary file either television or films of them being miss-treated so I express my appreciation of them by means of artwork. “

She added, “I am honored to have my painting artwork display in your home, office and part of your collection.


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