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​Daniel Haynie Biography
I started making welded metal sculpture in 1977, it was a hobby until 1999 when I began to sell my work in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
My art education consist of a High School art course and design, drawing and art history courses at Texas Tech University. I learned to weld in a welding course at Lubbock Christian College (now University). My real school where I learned to make things was in manufacturing, making cotton gin parts, farm implements, piling for bridges, pump jacks, fences, et cetera. Working in welding jobs I learned to cut, bend, break, grind and roll metal, I learned the process of constructing and shaping metal to a purpose.
I work in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, silicon bronze. I make kinetic sculpture, abstract sculpture, liner negative space sculpture. dhaysculpture@gmail.com



abstract welded metal sculpture

balanced spears “balanced spears”

stainless steel, 45x32x18 inches

interlocked “interlocked”

two parts of a heart interlocked but still apart, 23x20x12 inches, steel, stainless steel

Triumph “Triumph”

expressing the idea or act of exaltation 43x12x12 inches stainless steel, steel base

tyranosaurus pac-man “tyranosaurus pac-man”

stainless steel 30x11x11 inches, steel base

Triple Helix “Triple Helix”

stainless steel, 38x14x14, three triangle shaped helixes starting out thick at the bottom ( like a plant) spiraling upward and outward getting thiner at the top

Wonky Spiral “Wonky Spiral”

wonky- out of balance, off kilter, stainless steel, 28x25x17 inches

Spiral Stamen “Spiral Stamen”

stainless steel

Wind Cleft “Wind Cleft”

stainless steel 27x12.5x7 like treble clef or base clef, the pitch of the wind, a breeze, an up draft, all curents, speeds, and directions of the wind

Spiral Ouroboros “Spiral Ouroboros”

stainless steel

stainless knot “stainless knot”

stainless steel, 43x15x15 in

Large Half Knot “Large Half Knot”

stainless steel

Stainless Gordian Knot “Stainless Gordian Knot”

stainless steel, steel base 19x17x8 inches

sm. Spiral “sm. Spiral”

Stainless steel, steel base 11x9x11 inches

Treble “Treble”

Stainless steel, steel base, 31x11x9 inches

Tangled “Tangled”

stainless steel

Stainless Pods “Stainless Pods”

stainless steel

Oblique Spiral “Oblique Spiral”

stainless steel, painted steel base, 71x37x13 inches

Oblique Spiral “Oblique Spiral”

stainless steel, painted steel base, 71x37x13 inches

Infinity “Infinity”

stainless steel, 7x19x4 inches

Infinty Bench “Infinty Bench”

stainless steel, 20x56.5x20 inches

Infinty Bench “Infinty Bench”

stainless steel, 20x56.5x20

Winddriven “Winddriven”

bronze coated steel, 25x18x10 inches

Trey Helix “Trey Helix”

7ftx2ftx2ft, Stainless Steel,

Yin Yang Spiral “Yin Yang Spiral”

stainless steel, steel 20x16x12 inches

Torus Knot “Torus Knot”

stainless, side view

Wind Driven, Kinetic, Abstract Sculpture

wind driven, kinetic, abstract sculpture

Balancing Hues of Blue “Balancing Hues of Blue”

the piece balances, literally,it goes up and down round and round, side to side, as the wind moves it, the blue end pieces are three winged rotors which spin

Red Line “Red Line”

balancing kinetic sculpture, driven by the wind

Ever Which Way the Wind Blows “Ever Which Way the Wind Blows”

This sculpture is based on a gimble, or a giro, it has three axises', so that it can spin horizontality, vertically,and diagonally

Chevron “Chevron”

steel, stainless steel, & aluminum--------each of the individual cheveron parts move ether clockwise or counter clockwise

Windnote “Windnote”

stainless steel

Nestling windpods “Nestling windpods”

seven S shaped triangular tubes nestled together on the end of half inch rods-------they sway gently in the wind

Spirals “Spirals”

stainless steel, aluminum

Concentric “Concentric”

three three winged rotors one inside the other spin in opposite directions

Eclipse “Eclipse”

Aluminum, stainless steel, steel

dancing onion “dancing onion”

balancing piece, inspired by a Richard Brautigan story, stainless steel

tornado “tornado”

stainless steel

Spiral Universe “Spiral Universe”

stainless steel, copper

Iris & Blub “Iris & Blub”

Aluminum, stainless steel, steel

Wavey Tree “Wavey Tree”

the headdress spins in the wind, stainless steel, 56x24x24 inches

Pods “Pods”

stainless steel, small version of nestling wind pods 58x8x10 inches

Wind Blossom “Wind Blossom”

A different version, arangement, of neslting wind pods

Wind stamens “Wind stamens”

stainless steel

It Goes Like That “It Goes Like That”

rail road spikes & a car spring

Angluar Diamonds Diagonal “Angluar Diamonds Diagonal”

wind driven kinetic sculpture, aluminum, stainless steel, steel. The diamonds spin, and the whole headdress turns

Star Cluster “Star Cluster”

aluminum, stainless steel

Diamond Arrow “Diamond Arrow”

stainless, aluminum

Podz “Podz”


Linier Negitive Space Sculpture

Inch thick steel drawings in the air

Walking away, What? “Walking away, What?”

a woman is walking away, someone calls to her or says somthing, she turns reconsidering, What?

Man & Woman “Man & Woman”

he is serious, she is considering

Woman with Child “Woman with Child”

this is were we learn to love, from our mothers, the hand on the child in her womb, she makes an impression, she has an effect

Face of Man “Face of Man”

made in 1977, first large sculpture

Sculpture available for Sale or exhibit

sculpture available for sale or exhibit

Inner Spiral “Inner Spiral”

stainless steel, painted steel base with ajustable feet, 27 1/2 x 24 x 13 inches, 60 degree triangular tube construction, It is called Inner Spiral because one of the 3 points of the spiral points inward, not outward like all the other spirals I have made.

Curly Q “Curly Q”

Stainless steel 23 x 17 x 14 in triangleular tube construction

Curly Q “Curly Q”


Curly Q “Curly Q”


Tangled “Tangled”

stainless steel 40x12x12 in

Tangled “Tangled”


Infinity “Infinity”

stainless steel, 18 1/2x7x4 in

Bronze Spiral “Bronze Spiral”

silicone bronze, 23x19x11 1/2 in

Bronze Spiral “Bronze Spiral”

silicone bronze

Helix & Shaft “Helix & Shaft”

stainless steel, 48x12x12 in

Yin Yang Spiral “Yin Yang Spiral”

stainless steel, mild steel, 20x16x12 in