Huang Shaoyin

Huang Shaoyin

Location: China


1966 Born in Guangdong .Now lives in Guangzhou
1989?1993 Studied fine arts in the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, gained the B.A.
Living in Guangzhou now, independent artist

1990 Art Works Exhibition of Shantou Youth, Youth Palace, Shantou
1992 Copperplate Exhibition, Art Gallery of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou
1993 United Art Exhibition of the Teachers and Students, Art Gallery of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou
1993 The 5th China Exhibition of 3kind Print Work, Art Gallery of Xian Academy of Fine Arts, Xian
1994 China National Day No.45 Art Works Exhibition of Guangdong, Guangdong Art Academy, Guangzhou
2008 Chinese calligraphy and painting master-Olympics, Beijing
2009 Huang Shaoyin’s Copperplate Exhibition, World Fine Art Inc., New York
2009 Transiency and Indulge——Hu Zhiying • Huang Shaoyin’s Drawing, 798-K SPACE, Beijing
2014 Asian & African & Mediterranean International Modern Art Exhibition, Hangzhou

1993 “Guangdong Artists” No.2, Guangdong Artists Magazine Office, Guangzhou
1993 “Chinese Printmaking” No.2, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, Beijing
1993 “Contemporary Art” No.5, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Changsha
1996 “Chinese Printmaking” No.10, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, Beijing
1998 “Northern Arts” No.1, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin
1998 “Chinese Art Works” & “Chinese Artists”, Hong Kong Fine Arts Publishing House, Hong Kong
1999 “Contemporary Art in China”, Jiling Fine Arts Publishing House, Changchun
2004 “Art Observation” No.11, the Art Academy of China, Beijing
2009 "Salute the Owl!", "Art Guide", Beijing International Culture and Arts Salon, Beijing
2009 "Traffic Jam", "Loft Art ", China Art Publishing House, Beijing
2009 "Sky and Sea", "Art Map", Beijing Zhong Yuan Wen Ding Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing
2009 "The Person of Realizing the Truth" (oil), "World Art ", World Culture and Arts Publishing House, Beijing
2010 “Huang Shaoyin Works Collection”, Orange Gallery, Guangzhou




I think there is time and space in my works, However, it is not a result of rational judgments as well as a display of thought-out concepts. It is a process that included the time of sense, spatial changes of the perceptual experience, or the perception process abstracted from life, is a kind of mental space, and is not the common sense of time and space. For me personally, time is just a perception, and however, for the person resurrected from sleepy for ten years, this decade does not exist. It is not a simple problem such as you can calculate the data---how many hours, how many minutes and seconds. It is a process of human perception and the spirit produced from the perception. It is the human spirit separated from life, is a way of life according the life's requirement to pay. I am trying to complete this process through painting.