Murry Handler

“I find the magical way one’s mind conjures images from landscapes and horizons is fascinating. When I see trees on the horizon or a never ending sea, or a row of homes, or city lights at night, each allows me to dream and create endless, changing pictorial representations. I don't want to know how my painting will end, I want the surprise of exploring, of finding the end, sometimes quite by accident."


The World

I have been a practicing artist all my adult life, working across varied aspects of the art field. Labels that have been applied to my work by critics and curators include ‘minimalist’, ‘abstract expressionist’, ‘realistic’, ‘Asian influenced’, and ‘gestural abstraction'. Painting is for me, an emotion. I want the emotion conveyed in a minimal form to allow the viewer the greatest freedom to experience his or her emotional response. Ideally, the viewer dreams the same dream as the artist and the image has succeeded. Within the last few years my work has been evolving more and more into social commentary as I respond to the flood of communications and visual images that reach me concerning world and local events, i.e., women’s issues, race relations, politics.