David Bates

Painting has always been in his passion. His current work is loosely, a mix of impressionist & Fauvism styles often using bright reds, greens and blues. On several painting trips to the South of France David has produced work in the region of the Cézanne trail near Mt. St. Victoire. His original paintings are available to buy, along with limited edition prints of all of his paintings. David has exhibited his French paintings & is planning an exhibition in 2014. Commissions will be considered.

David studied Fine Art at The Berkshire College of Art & Central St Martins. He worked in the film industry for a while moving on into interior design & then architecture, that he has made his career. He later studied for an Architecture based degree at the University of Wales & has also qualified as a chartered building engineer.



South of France

St. Remy Provence, Stream “St. Remy Provence, Stream”

This is a stream bounding the villa where we stayed near to St. Remy. This picture was painted with the sun setting and shining through the trees onto the water.

Lavender Fields In The Luberon “Lavender Fields In The Luberon”

This is a preliminary sketch painted up in the hills near Gordes in the Luberon valley.

Cassis Vue De La Presqu'ile “Cassis Vue De La Presqu'ile”

I spent a week in the South of France following the Cezanne trail and other iconic sites. This painting is a view from Cassis overlooking the adjoining headland. I have tried to reflect the stunning light and the warmth of the occasion.

Cap Canille “Cap Canille”

Painted from the top of Cap Canille overlooking the bay leading to the port of Cassis. When this was painted the hillside was covered in a very bright variety of beautiful wild flowers on a warm sunny summers day. I tried to capture all of colours and the beauty of the sea fading into the distance.

St. Victoire Landscape “St. Victoire Landscape”

This picture was painted from a vantage spot below the hills of Mont St Victoire, showing the dramatic cliffs in front, beyond and the landscape below. The soil in the area had a wonderful reddish brown glow. The mountain had a really rugged and very beautiful appearance rising out of this outstanding landscape. Mont St Victoire is in an area sometimes named The Cezanne Trail, where the artist spent much of his time painting.

Port Miou “Port Miou”

Painting of a small part of the Calanque which is rather like a fjord that has been cut into the hillside. The hills have been quarried for the local stone over the years resulting in the current physical appearance. The little building shown in the painting was actually used as a connection with the quarry operation, now the strip of water that flows leading through the Calanque is mainly used for pleasure boats and as a marina. Never the less, it is very beautiful. The water leading up to and past Port Miou is very close the Port of Cassis.

Plain de Rousette “Plain de Rousette”

These rolling hills are part of the landscape falling down into the valley and set in front of the mountainous area of St Victoire behind. It was a wonderful vista of rolling countryside leading down into the valley, showing an olive grove below and small farms with the fields running away into the distance. The foreground shows the reddish brown earth that is very prominent in the area.

Chateaux de Beaumelles “Chateaux de Beaumelles”

This is a painting of the Chateaux de Beaumelles and the rolling landscape that it is set in. This is a dramatic setting and background making it an interesting subject to paint. I tried to capture the light reflecting off the building as evening approached.

St Victoire Blue “St Victoire Blue”

This is a more detailed image of Mont St Victoire with some of the rolling landscape in the foreground. It is called St Victoire Blue to reflect the time of day it was painted and shows some of the red landscape still showing through.

St Victoire Red “St Victoire Red”

This is another version of the more detailed image of Mont St Victoire with some of the rolling landscape in the foreground. It is called St Victoire Red.

Barrage Zola “Barrage Zola”

This was a painting on the edge of a forest overlooking the Barrage Zola Dam with Mont St Victoire in the distance. This painting reflects the beautiful contrast of colours in the mountain, landscape and in the damn itself.

The Old Warehouse “The Old Warehouse”

This is an old warehouse on the property where we stayed. Some years ago it was a winery. The building is now converted into accommodation. It sits in open countryside surrounded by fields corn at the time of painting. This was a preparatory coloured drawing of the building.

The Old Warehouse #2 “The Old Warehouse #2”

This painting followed the sketches and was painted en-plain-air. I tried to capture the heat and the atmosphere of the remote building sitting in the field.

Farm Building Surrounded By Tournesol “Farm Building Surrounded By Tournesol”

This was painted en-plain-air on an extremely hot day with the sunflowers shimmering in the Provencale sun. This was situated close to St. Remy.

View from The Alpilles “View from The Alpilles”

We walked up into the mountains above St. Remy and painted this valley stretching into the distance with mount in the distance. This picture is a preliminary sketch painted on site. I'm preparing other painted from my sketches.

Sonning Village Artwork

St. Andrews Church, Sonning. Sunset “St. Andrews Church, Sonning. Sunset”

Ink and watercolour of Sonning Church at Sunset. Painted in 1997. A commission by Mr & Mrs Ferguson on leaving Sonning.

Sonning Bridge “Sonning Bridge”

Picture of Sonning Bridge in acrylic. The original painting presented to the Twinning Committee of Ligugé by the Sonning Twinning Committee. This painting now hangs in the Mairie in Ligugé, France.

St. Andrews Church, Sonning. Stained Glass Window “St. Andrews Church, Sonning. Stained Glass Window”

Interior view in ink and watercolour of the stained glass window above the altar in St. Andrews church, Sonning.

Turpins “Turpins”

Watercolour of Turpin's in the snow on the corner of Pearson Road and Sonning Lane. Presented to Mr Tony Rimell.

Robert Palmer Cottages “Robert Palmer Cottages”

Watercolour of the Robert Palmer Cottages, presented to Mr Colin Pierce by the Robert Palmer Almshouse Trust on his retirement as Chairman, from the Committee.

Pearson Hall, Sonning “Pearson Hall, Sonning”

Pen and watercolour sketch painted in 1996.

Other Artwork

Goongillings “Goongillings”

Goongillings is a en-plain-air painting of a visit to Goongillings farm near Gweek, Near the Helford Passage in Cornwall. This was one of my early pictures using silk screen inks as a medium. I used the inks in the same way I would use oil paints or acrylics. http://www.goongillings.co.uk

Henley Regatta Headquarters “Henley Regatta Headquarters”

This is a colourful interpretation of a colourful building.

Ironbridge “Ironbridge”

I was commissioned to carry out a series of paintings for a client's new offices in Woking. This painting I prepared after a visit to Ironbridge in Shropshire. It is a figurative picture based on my impressions of the visit.

All The Gods “All The Gods”

This is a painting of Temple Island set dramatically in the river with the colourful trees and landscape behind. The stone Temple is reflected in the water rather like a majestic ship.

All The Gods #2 “All The Gods #2”

This is a painting of Temple Island set dramatically against the river in a slightly different setting.

Temple on an Island “Temple on an Island”

This is a painting of Temple Island set dramatically against the river, painted at a different time of the day showing the background landscape reflected on the water.

Deepest Silence “Deepest Silence”

This is a picture painted at night looking across from the Leander Boathouse to the buildings on the other side of the river next to Henley bridge. Striking reflections of the colours from the street lamps and the general effect of the night is what I tried to capture in this picture.

Henley Church Morning “Henley Church Morning”

This was one of five paintings prepared for the "Henley Royal Regatta Paintings and Sculpture Exhibition 2012".