Myrtle Vreedenburgh

Myrtle Vreedenburgh (1986) is a dutch artist and art therapist.
Since early childhood she discovered the magical world of drawing and painting and she uses this medium to discover herself and expres what is inside.
For her art has always been healing. Since a teenager, drawing mandalas or painting her fantasy world helped her to find focus or relax, to express what she could not say in words or it gave her lots of joy and fulfilment to play with colors, shapes and forms.

Myrtle studied Art Therapy in the Netherlands (Hogeschool Leiden), which exactly fits her idea about the power of art. Throughout her studies, she explored more and more what is her way of creating art, to let go all ideas about what should be perfect and to learn how to "listen" to the paintwork. This way, she could create more in an intuitive way, which feels more true to her. Colors and movements became more important then "correct" images. This way, her paintings contain a personal character that may touch you on a deep level.

Since her early twenties, Myrtle has given several workshops in intuitive (mandala) drawing for children and (young) adults.She worked as an Art Therapist on the field of Montessori and Special Education, one on one sessions with (young)adults with personal questions, Group Dynamics and team building in businessess and with seniors in retirement homes.

Throughout the years Myrtle combined her Art Therapy practise more together with meditation, yoga and music workshops, as well as reconnecting with nature.

Still Myrtle is developing new ways of creating and sharing her art.
After she lived for a few years abroad and became a mother in the meanwhile, Myrtle started a new style, which has some characteristics of Cubism.

Since more then seven years Myrtle sells her artwork. She exposed her art in (spiritual) centers, workshop places, in personal clinics and in galeries in the Netherlands.
Her aspiration is to touch people with her artwork, to give them inspiration, joy, harmony or truth via her art.

Myrtle uses her artist name 'Lumeria' for her intuïtive artwork. And currently for her new collection, she signs her work again with her initials 'M. V' (Myrtle Vreedenburgh).

You can see a collection of her online gallery at
And follow her on Facebook on her Artlumeria Facebook page.


Art Lumeria

Here you can find an online collection Myrtle's recent work. Most of it is for sale. Contact the artist for more information.

New Flow “New Flow”

An intuitive painting
Oil on canvas 70x50cm
For sale

Oneness “Oneness”

This is an intuïtive painting, made in 2008.
Oneness is the merging of the masculilne and feminine into One.
Oil on canvas, 50x40cm

Flight to Enlightnement “Flight to Enlightnement”

In this intuïtive painting you see a dove-being flying into the light and expanding in many colors. This painting represents peace, enlilghtenment, transformation and freedom.
Price on request
Oil on canvas 60x70cm

Cubist Models

In 2016 Myrtle started a new collection.
This style has some characterisics of Cubism.
Still Myrtle's way of using colors remains visible in her artwork.
Myrtle seeks for a certain harmony between masculine (lines and structures) and feminine aspects (rounds and flowing forms).
Her new work will be exposed in the Netherlands and much more is in the making.

Horse 1 “Horse 1”

An abstract horse.
Oil on canvas, 30x40cm
For sale.
From March 2016 exposed in Leiden, the Netherlands.