Muriël Van Marion Kasmin

Muriël van Marion Kasmin

Born in 1959, South America, raised in Germany, Belgium and Holland.
Made a leap into art after successful international business career. Studied Art Academy The Hague.
Awarded artist with many exhibitions in several other countries (Hungary, Slovakia, France f.e.). Upcoming New York end this year.

Painting for me is an expression, not of reality, but of a personal experience. Creating art gives a dimension of the infinite possibilities to reach a desired goal.
My inspiration mostly comes in a state of total unconsciousness, sometimes on meditative and intuitive action. My work reflects my inner feelings based on people, travels, culture and life experience and the radiance is often spiritual, surrealistic, magical, very expressive and vibrantly coloured. Working on wet-on-wet knifing with acrylics and oils, I constantly balance between figurative and abstract. Exploring the contradictions, complexities and characters that express different psychological aspects of human nature I consider myself as a vessel in which it channelled the life through its birth on canvas. Started with the 17th century techniques of the old masters, I have developed different styles over the years and I do not feel bound by any rules. I find detail unimportant and having a strong sense of artistic independence, I’m satisfied in creating my own course and journey.

It creates happiness for me and I hope I can pass on these positive feelings to others. My leading thought is that of growth, self-awareness, maturity, decay and natural wisdom of animals, It sometimes takes courage to let go of the usual techniques and open your eyes to see things differently.