Sasha Robinson

Sasha Robinson

At the age of 21 I moved to London where I discovered a new world for myself – the world of art. I never knew I could adore doing something so much!
It drew me in and there is no way back. I am an entirely self-taught and independent emerging artist.
I express my emotions through the colors on the canvas. Each painting is filled with my passion for life, my perception of people, my vision of this world, and my love of art.
My works held in private collections in the United States, UK, Singapore and Russia.
Through my life and my work, I want to encourage others to pursue their dreams and live life passionately. I paint to express my vision in art to show how I see it.

In my works I try to dress up emotions in beautiful and harmonious forms, to show the depth of everyday life. My goal is to give life to colors and shapes.

2013, Smashing colors, Bed café, Moscow
2014, Mountain Olympic Village Sochi 2014, Sochi
2015, ArtWhoArt, Moscow


Red lipstick

A woman attracts attention by her brightness and beauty, that is the main weapon she uses. She behaves as a predator. After catching the victim she acts. Her beauty is bait.
100% hand-painted high quality oil paintings made by professional artist. Oil on canvas technique. Ready to hang. Framing required

Small black dress “Small black dress”

This model hides her face behind her overall image. The beauty of her body and shapes are on the front but she keeps back her real target.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Are You Two Meant to be Together?
People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other. They might take detours in life but they're never lost.

It is so complicated, difficult and demanding to build relationships, much easier and faster to erase them, start with a clean slate. Just wake up in the morning and do not remember your life. While you have a problem you always think there is someone special or deserved for you who won’t never let you down. There isn’t just black and white in the relationships, it is so colourful that’s why so complicated.

Glammy Hat “Glammy Hat”

That's all just about women's beauty on International Women's Day.

The very girl “The very girl”

This contemporary art work describes the power of woman in the world. The energy of pervasive feminine that could bring lots of love, tenderness and care at the same time could be lethal and destructive. // ??? ?????? ? ??????? ?????????? ? ?? ????. ??????? ???????? ?????? ????? ????? ???????? ? ????????????? ??????, ???????? ? ??????, ? ?? ?? ?????, ??? ????? ???? ?????????????? ? ??????????????.
I love this fine art work.

The red dress “The red dress”

I have started this work one year ago. One day I was totally frustrated by some occasion in my life. I came home and painted one black square, I felt much better when I finished, and all my emotions have been transformed into totally deep black square. Of course I didn’t want to be "inspired by Malevich" and took it away I knew I will use this canvas after some time. Nowadays. I saw the picture of one famous and beautiful woman and was amazed by that image. The light from her smile and her shining energy that flows from her inner life captured me. I've decided to put her image on my black canvas and brought my idea:
It doesn’t matter what time or moment you have in your life. Just take it easy and everything will be changed after some time, the universe or people around you will bring new. The main idea is not allowing negative emotions to bereave you vital energy.

Controling chemistry “Controling chemistry”

Are you controlled by chemistry?

Look Closely - What Do You See?
What does it mean for you to meet the only one? That one you were awaiting all your life…?
Has he or she to be beautiful, magnificent, and strong or with bright personalities?
One friend of mine told me that it has to be a girl like a model and everyone has to say WOW! when they appear in public. Probably it is men’s answer to this question.
Personally, I think there has to be a special bond two people have that brings them very close to each other. It is connecting on an emotional level and when two have a mutual attraction to each other personality. It is an unspoken connection when you feel the energy and vibe. You like the smell, behaviour, its mimicry and even movements, the way she or he looks at you, the way of touch. It calls chemistry between two people refers to sexual attraction, mainly, though this works in a mostly unconscious way.
Yes, It will go away after sometime but I believe that only chemistry between two can lead to real feelings and closeness later.

Hot “Hot”

This fine art piece was painted after visiting the fashion show. It is about the people and the ways they can express their personalities. I used the saturated ultramarine and red color to feel how meaningful it can be in the perception of others. This work can be a good present for a friend as well as fill your private or corporate art collection.

Almost naked “Almost naked”

Sex is the main power that leads the world. This work shows erotics of woman’s body that wanted by most man in the world. This oil painting is for you to decorate your home or office.
It is canvas art with size 50 x 70 cm.
This work is great present for your friend for upcoming events.

Diamond “Diamond”

This piece of original art is about passion possession. Woman hungers to diamonds. Man wants to possess a beautiful woman around. This people create a circle that exists all the time. All they want is just to prove their justifiability to others as a woman or man.
It is an oil painting on canvas.
This work is great present for your friend!

redHair model “redHair model”

This work is a painted copy of the work of photographer Armin Morbach (Lip Service shooting) to show again and again how it is important to be yourself