Jenna Fein

Jenna Fein is a Painter and Graphic Designer living in Oak Park, CA. She is a 2005 graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in Painting and Visual Communication.

Jenna has also studied at Rhode Island School of Design and was fortunate enough to travel with SAIC to France to study Impressionism and French Contemporary art.

Jenna's work can be described as a colorful iconic language, combined with realistic and abstract imagery. She is in love with the act of creating and in the end product. Her goal is to capture the vibrancy of life and put it into her subject matter. Jenna feels, "Time passes too quickly and it is through my art that I am able to slow down reality. My art is my outlet and my way of combating the complicated world in which we live."

Art has given Jenna a purpose beyond herself. She is satisfied when she creates moments of joy in the lives of others.