Larysa Jaromska

Larysa Jaromska



The great fight

Art for art. art. for art., for faith. nothing new , art. for survive,

art from date of birth till and inborn for ever , everyday work and love for ever….

The great fight “The great fight ”

This image came in dream, I had invitation for expo inspirated by music and poetry , i had no idea and wanted resign but i fall aslleep sudelny…..Than i had so beautiful dream THE GREAT FIGHT AND LIGHT, as was this i poem and composition was, so i stant up and painted as it is … iI ove this picture

Faith, hope, Love “Faith, hope, Love ”

i was thinking aabout most important values , ideas and i invented nothing new but immortal that can have modern form given by artists
in paiting sphere.

Golden age “Golden age ”

I imagine idael time and gardens, colours, forms, fragrance , butterflies and birds…under sun, clouds … paradise for a while in working days...