Tony Seker

Growing up in Lebanon, Tony innocently painted model war planes like many young boys - but after his family fled to Europe he lacked the proper colors and tools to paint his planes in the normal camouflage couture of green and brown. As a result, he resorted to using the hues he had on hand: bright reds and blues, hot pinks, bold oranges and loud yellows. Instead of paintbrushes, he used as an implement the very cardboard casing from his model airplane kits, creating a unique textured aesthetic which he continues to embrace in his work today. Although Seker didn’t realize it at the time, the coating of his war toys in the colors of the rainbow was retrospectively a way to express his feelings both of hope and despair conceived from his war-related experience. Now, Seker employs this same vibrant painting style on everything else, and uses it to share more positive sentiments of anti-war and pro-humanity.

Photo courtesy of FLAG

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Featured paintings as the flagship artist for FLAG Art Group

Creative personality and artist Tony Seker, A.K.A. “Claxon Du Soleil,” an abstract painter whose loud and colorful works of art fit perfectly with his self-created French moniker roughly meaning “blast from the sun.”

Mars In The Burnt City “Mars In The Burnt City”

As a young boy growing up in the Middle East during volatile times, I loved the familiar sounds emanating from the backgammon tables. The roll of the dice, the wooden game pieces being smashed onto the tables, and the animated sounds of gamesmanship were all part of the omnipresent and unyielding joie de vivre. The acoustics coupled with the fragrant aromas from incomparable food, the fertile gardens and smoky hookahs made me feel like the world was alright - at least for that day. I imagine that all of these elements centered around the backgammon tables in the Middle East have existed throughout the history of civilization.

The oldest backgammon set in the world was unearthed beneath the rubbles of the legendary Shahr-e Sukhteh (or "Burnt City”) in southeastern Iran. One of the oldest known cities in the world, it is now a 5,200-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site. It burned down three times before it was abandoned for unknown reasons in 1800 B.C. The term “mars” (in Farsi) refers to a dominant backgammon victory (double value). My title "Mars in the Burnt City" is a double entendre, fusing together the city’s history of fires with backgammon and the red planet which Chinese astronomers call the “fire star.” In my painting you can see three game pieces - the rest is history.

Acrylic on wood panel
36" x 48" x 2"

The Red Baron “The Red Baron ”

Growing up painting plastic war planes, The Red Baron and his plane made a bold statement. This abstract captures the imagery of the frenetic aerial dogfight.

48" x 36"
Acrylic/canvas (framed in black floater frame)

Marilyn “Marilyn”

Abstract painting honoring the legendary Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol.

Acrylic on wrapped canvas
36" x 36"

Cote d'Azure inspired paintings

Two weeks submerged in the beauty and culture of southern France and Monaco can inspire anyone. These are a series of paintings activated by my visit.

Haute Couture Monte Carlo “Haute Couture Monte Carlo”

Fashion, style, glamour and beauty are all part of the Cote d'Azure experience.

Acrylic on wrapped canvas
30" x 30"

Haute Couture Cannes “Haute Couture Cannes”

Fashion, style, glamour and beauty are all part of the Cote d'Azure experience.

Acrylic on wrapped canvas
30" x 30"