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In My Darkness: I Am Glorious, But You Are Somewhere Else by mark masters

mark masters

Dark, foreboding caverns constitute the environment in which lie Mark Masters’ idiosyncratic and eccentric creations. His style predominantly draws upon the Expressionist and Cubist movements, although a nuanced inclination towards Neoclassicism is detectable in the heavily atmospheric nature of the works that demonstrate connections with the intense and dramatic skies portrayed by Jacques Louis David and Nicolas Poussin. His thoroughly unique artistic technique, in which he rejects conventional tools and, alternatively, boldly manipulates the oil paint with his fingers and rags, elevates his work due to a pure and primordial control over his medium. This physically direct connection that the artist has with his materials asserts his comprehensive internal thoughts and instantly shares them with the viewer as his spiritual energy is transmitted alacritously from his fingertips to the canvas. Masters’ concise and personal form of expression provokes the inquisitive nature of those who observe his artistic creations as each element of the composition develops a deeper curiosity to identify the implicit symbolism within.

Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics

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