Keith D Puryear

Keith Puryear has been painting over twenty years. He studied drawing and painting at the University of North Texas under Rob Erdle and Vernon Fisher from 1997 – 2000. In the Dallas area, he was granted solo shows at Brickhaus Art gallery and Uncommon Ground, and participated in numerous collaborative shows throughout North Texas. Since 2003, Keith has been living and working in San Diego, where he most recently participated in the youTurn Arts Exhibition in 2011 and 2012. Keith has also exhibited his work in numerous local businesses including Island Prime, Go Lounge, Shooters, the Cirello Gallery as well as the juried art show at the North Park Festival of Arts.


This new series of mixed media work has largely been inspired by the writings of Alfred North Whitehead, which explore the pursuit for truth through the process of abstraction.

These paintings examine order versus chaos, organic versus the in organic, and the imposition of man upon nature. The rectangular motif represents human perception and compartmentalization, as well as the modern aesthetic of the digital age.



Ultimately, Keith is concerned with your experience while viewing the work, not reading this artist statement.


“Beauty is a truth of feeling and not a truth of verbalization.”

- Alfred North Whitehead