Current Contest

Have your art featured on the cover of the prestigious art book "International Contemporary Masters” Volume 13

First Prize: Front Cover
Second Prize: Back Cover
Third Prize: Premium Artist 4-Page Presentation

Publication: Summer 2019
All media are accepted.
Participation fee $15 per image
Deadline for entries: June 17, 2019

Recent Entries

A coincidence The sun is the master THE ESCAPE REBIRTH Ghosts Can Dance 2 Shimmer Ode to my son and dali Ode to Monet Divided States of America Quishee LIFE II FROZEN Galactive Wave Galaxy #15 Galaxy #8 Galaxy #9 Invisible people New Order No Order

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Past Contests

Winners for the covers and frontispiece of "Current Masters" Volume 4

Front Cover; "Ma Nature Revisited", by Gary Aagaard
Back Cover: "Starpolish", by Elizabeth Ladwig
Frontispiece: "Athens on Fire", by Larry Wolf

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Winner: Nicholas Zalevsky, Exhibition of 4 works free, at Artexpo New York, April 4 - 7, 2019

"Sorry, Rembrandt!"
"The Stairway Where my Brother Fractured a Finger, Kiev"
"Morning at a Nursing Home"
"Life is Good"

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Winners: 5 free 1-year Featured Artist Subscriptions

Painting: Anton Hoeger, "Annunciation"
Other 2-dimensional media: Melisa Cole, Koileidoscope"
Sculpture: Diana Fernandez, "Sailing Energies"
Photography: Amir Lavon, "Can Be Different"
Digital Art: Shu Yu, "Something Just Like This"

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Anton contest winner
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Maja borowicz contest winner
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