Current Contest

Have your art featured on the covers of the prestigious art book "Important World Artists" Volume 2

First Prize: Front Cover
Second Prize: Back Cover
Third Prize: Frontispiece
Publication: Autumn 2017
All media are accepted.
Deadline for entries: Extended until May 31, 2017

Recent Entries

Winter Fall Summer Spring Night Queen Sail'in Away The Long Boats Return Sculpturel chestnut tree No.P. Sculpturel chestnut tree No.O. Ordinary World Power of the spirit Infinity BLACK LIVES MATTER Power of Love Lady with Mask Buddhist Monk African Masks Soleil

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Past Contests

Artist of the Month April 2017

Painting & 2-Dimensional Media:
"Fata Morgana" by Herbert Hermans

Sculpture & 3-Dimensional Media:
"Memories" by Christos Eliades

Photography & Digital Art
"Dark Waters" by Robert Perriam

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Artist of the Month March 2017

Painting & 2 dimensional mixed media:
"In Lovely Blueness", by Anton Hoeger
Sculpture & 3-dimensional mixed media:
"Cut 77" by Alexander Saner
Photography & digital art:
"Like Books", by Pestarino Roberto

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Artist of the Month February 2017

Painting & 2-Dimensional Media
Escuela Santa Maria de Iquique by Roxana Werner

Sculpture & 3-Dimensional media
Whirling Lady by Pasquale Vaira

Photography and Digital Art
Tai Chi by Shelley Lake

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Artavita Artist of the Month January 2017

Painting and 2-dimensional media:
Nicholas Zalevsky, "Crucifixion"

Sculpture and 3-dimensional Media:
Madeleine Lord, "Protest"

Photography and Digital Art:
Dr Martin Raskovsky, "Las Palmeras III"

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Winner: Yulia Altas will exhibit in the Artavita pavilion at Artexpo New York, April 21-24, 2017

Yulia Altas is the winner with the works "Fall in Love", "All Dreams Come True", and "Spring is Coming"

Winning Entries

Fall in love All dreams come true Spring is coming

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