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Win to exhibit up to 4 works free at Spectrum Miami, December 2 - 6, 2020

Spectrum is one of the largest and best-known of the art fairs that take place each December in Art Basel Week in Miami, with over 50,000 visitors last year.

Artavita will have a large pavilion there.

The winner of this contest will exhibit up to 4 works with Artavita, with no participation fee.

If the exhibition is postponed due to the coronavirus situation, the free participation will still honored whenever the event takes place.

No size restrictions

All media are accepted.

Participation fee $15 per image

Deadline for entries: August 24, 2020

Recent Entries

Fine Lines Nothing Last But Gold Dark Fantasy Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity segments Spirit_Birth Freedom Of Water_Whiff Freedom Of Water_Conception Freedom Of Water Untitled Novus Memoria metamorphine take off spaceflowers

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Past Contests

Contest with Theme: In the Time of the Coronavirus 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes

1st Prize: Nancie King Mertz, "Life in the Time of Covid"
2nd Prize: Thorsten Boehm, "The Revelation"
3rd Prize: Dale M. Sumner, "Anything would Help"

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40 winners: Free presentation in the 3rd issue of World Wide Art Magazine

1st Prize: Front Cover: Lisa Rickard
2nd Prize: Frontispiece: Christine Alfery
3rd Prize: Back Cover: Roland Reinert

Other winners (In alphabetical order):
Angela Keller
Anita Beaty
Aristi Hadjisavva
Barry Smylie
Barbel Lätt
Birgit Stern
Charles Hildebrandt
Christine Ortbals
Dan Louth
Debbie Bakker
Diane Hoeptner
Éda Gyenis
Edmund Ian Grant
G. Pack
Gabriel Lavoie
Gyuhye Yeon
Ivan Iliev
James Ellison
Jan Teunissen
Jerry Venditti
Jim Grossman
Joseph Grenn
Loreta Hume
Lynn Johnson
Malina Friedrich
Monica Mendez
Pham An Hai
Ramón Rivas
Renata Bosnjak
Roza Janabayeva
Stefan Geissbuhler
Stephen Brehm
Susanne Middleberg
Tina Koufas-Eisbacher
Victoria Loeb
Victoria Udalova

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Winners of the Front and Back Covers and Premium Presentation of Important World Artists Volume 4

First Prize: Front Cover: "Sentius Tectonicus", Sculpture by Dr. John O'Rourke
Second Prize: Back Cover: "Blowin' in the Wind", painting by Roland Reinert
Third Prize: Premium Artist 4-Page Presentation: Paintings and Studies by Lisa Rickard

Publication: March 2020
All media are accepted.
Participation fee $15 per image
Deadline for entries: January 22, 2020
The results will be announced January 27, 2020
Upload as many images as you like.

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40 winners: Free presentation in the 2nd issue of World Wide Art Magazine

Amazilia Photography
Angela Keller
Anita Alexander Swarup
Anne Walbring
Barbara L. Lawrence
Beryl Jazvic
Bonnie Sprung
Bucco Chantal
Charlie Parker
Cher Pruys
Cristina Rusu
Dan Louth
Daniela Amant
Donelli J. DiMaria
Edmund Ian Grant
Eva Georgiou
Felipe Assuncao
Gerlinde Keating
Harry S. Rogers
Herbert Hermans
Jerzy Komisaruk
Jim Grossman
John Jaster
Larry Wolf
Lisa Rickard
Lone Bech
Malina, Friedrich
Maria Elisa Grion
Mariana Peirano
Mark Pytlos
Mikolaj Wlodarcyk
Natalia Bragina
Natalie McGuire
Pepponi Art
Peter Wall
Roland Reinert
Stephanie Holznecht
Wendy Cohen
Yeon Gyuhye

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Anton contest winner
Ad 125sp
Maja borowicz contest winner
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