Current Contest

Win to exhibit up to 4 works free at Spectrum Miami, December 5 - 9, 2018

Spectrum is one of the largest and best-known of the art fairs that take place each December in Art Basel Week in Miami, with about 40,000 visitors last year.

Artavita will have a large pavilion there.

The winner of this contest will exhibit up to 4 works with Artavita, with no participation fee.

No size restrictions

All media are accepted.

Participation fee $15 per image

Deadline for entries: March 12, 2018

The results will be announced by March 23, 2018
Upload as many images as you like.

Recent Entries

Sunflower Tiny Dancers Muse-ical Waters Beside Yourself Release Dance of Life Depth Lotus Flower Vertex Pop Art Tracks and Lights Tuna boat dundee  fishing for the albacore Grey early morning Belem and Asgard 2 in the pertuis of Antioch Hermione on the hudson river Flotilla in pertuis Hermione in front of the statue of Liberty Solo regatta

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Past Contests

Winner: Ishikawa Toshio: exhibition of 4 works free at Artexpo New York, April 19 – 22, 2018

“Still life-wara”
“Still life-mawaru”
“Still life-kaiki”

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Winner: Exhibition of 4 works free at Art San Diego, September 28 – October 1, 2017

Tanya Ragir, with the works "Through the Fire", "Leap of Faith", "Progression of Four" and "Cradle"

Winning Entries

Through the Fire Leap of Faith Progression of Four Cradle

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Artist of the Month April 2017

Painting & 2-Dimensional Media:
"Fata Morgana" by Herbert Hermans

Sculpture & 3-Dimensional Media:
"Memories" by Christos Eliades

Photography & Digital Art
"Dark Waters" by Robert Perriam

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