Current Contest

Have your art featured on the cover of the prestigious art book "Important World Artists” Volume 4

First Prize: Front Cover
Second Prize: Back Cover
Third Prize: Premium Artist 4-Page Presentation

Publication: March 2020
All media are accepted.
Participation fee $15 per image
Deadline for entries: January 22, 2020
The results will be announced January 27, 2020
Upload as many images as you like.

Recent Entries

The Muskoka River in autumn The judgement - The lion HEADLESS Rinascimento II Ninfa Rinascimento I I am stone pathways Warm break in Paris (AS DU FALAFEL) Raspberry macaroon Walking the Path Alone Portrait of a Young Lady Summer Breeze LES MIGRANTS-Les migrants ne savent pas nager FICHEZ-NOUS LA PAIX-prix du public 2019 Galactic Cat Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Light "London" Voice note Art (c)

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Past Contests

40 winners: Free presentation in the 2nd issue of World Wide Art Magazine

Amazilia Photography
Angela Keller
Anita Alexander Swarup
Anne Walbring
Barbara L. Lawrence
Beryl Jazvic
Bonnie Sprung
Bucco Chantal
Charlie Parker
Cher Pruys
Cristina Rusu
Dan Louth
Daniela Amant
Donelli J. DiMaria
Edmund Ian Grant
Eva Georgiou
Felipe Assuncao
Gerlinde Keating
Harry S. Rogers
Herbert Hermans
Jerzy Komisaruk
Jim Grossman
John Jaster
Larry Wolf
Lisa Rickard
Lone Bech
Malina, Friedrich
Maria Elisa Grion
Mariana Peirano
Mark Pytlos
Mikolaj Wlodarcyk
Natalia Bragina
Natalie McGuire
Pepponi Art
Peter Wall
Roland Reinert
Stephanie Holznecht
Wendy Cohen
Yeon Gyuhye

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Winners: Exhibition of 4 works free at Artexpo New York, April 23 - 26, 2020

Daniela Ament: "Birth"
Eberhard Marx: "Nordisches Apfelwerk I"
Mira DeMartino: "Aligned"
Nathalie Lapointe: "Jetlag"

Winning Entries

Light an beyond

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Winners for the Front and Back Covers and Premium Presentation of International Contemporary Masters Volume 13

First Prize: Front Cover: "Confianza", by Susana Cicero
Second Prize: Back Cover: "A Careful Wonder", by Annie Evans
Third Prize: Premium Artist 4-Page Presentation: "Blinded by Delight Redux", "Giant on Holiday", "God According to Voltaire", and "Spin Cycle" by Gary Aagaard

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Anton contest winner
Ad 125sp
Maja borowicz contest winner
Cfa add
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