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Artist of the Month March 2017

Artavita will feature each month on our home page the Artist of the Month, in 3 categories:

Painting and other 2-dimensional media
Sculpture and other 3-dimensional media
Photography and digital art

All fine art media will be considered, subsumed into the above three categories.

The winners will be featured the following month on the home page of the Artavita website.

Deadline for March entries: Friday, March 31

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 5 April

  • Painting & 2-dimensional mixed media
  • Sculpture & 3-dimensional mixed media
  • Photography
  • Collage
  • Painting
  • Digital Art
  • Photography digitally Manipulated
  • MIxed Media
  • Other

Gallery News

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Art Blogs to Follow in 2017 (continued)

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The blog (http://we-make-money-not-art.com/) is kept by the renowned art curator and critic Régine Debatty. The blog is easy on the eye and it provides a good mixtu... <a href='/gallery_posts#gallery_post_553'>more &rarr;</a>

Art Blogs to Follow in 2017 (continued)

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Artist News


New to this site please come say and leave a comment on the painting that you like good or bad
Many thanks


iwr; mlkbs,/rc'FW{:

Exhibition 30 June-2 juli

Exhibition 30 juni-2 juli 2017 at Artfair Málaga

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Artavita Latest News


Artist of the Month February 2017

Painting and 2-Dimensional Media: "Escuela Santa María de Iquique" by Roxana Werner


Artist of the Month February 2017

Sculpture and 3-Dimensional Media: "Whirling Lady" by Pasquale Vaira


Artist of the Month February 2017

Photography and Digital Art: "Tai Chi" by Shelley Lake


Artist of the Month January 2017

Painting and two-dimensional media:
Nicholas Zalevsky, "Crucifixion"


Artist of the Month January 2017

Sculpture and three-dimensional media:
Madeleine Lord, "Protest"


Artist of the Month January 2017

Photography and digital art:
Dr Martin Raskovsky, "Las Palmeras III"


Winner of the 21st Online Contest: Yulia Altas

"Fall in Love"


Winner of the 21st Online Contest: Yulia Altas

"All Dreams Come True"


Winner of the 21st Online Contest: Yulia Altas

"Spring is Coming"



First Prize: Front Cover: 

Federico Pisciotta, "Without Religion"

Second Prize: Back Cover:

Bernhard Witsch, "Backside"

Special Prize: Frontispiece:

Nicholas H. Teetelli, "Lollipop III"


Current Masters 2: Art Book Launch!

Out now, Volume 2 of the Current Masters Series by World Wide Art Books. This contemporary art anthology contains the remarkable art from over 120 international artists from over 15 countries. 
From painting and mixed media, to photography, sculpture and performance this book is not only a great source for art professionals looking for fresh art, but also a great inspiration to the dedicated art lover. 

Published artists in Current Masters Volume 2, by World Wide Art Books. 

D.O.M. , Eva-Marie Hild , Rajnita Jain, Nicholas H. Teetelli,  / Aalto-Annala, Maria-Liisa  / Aghzout, Abdelkhalek  / Akpata, Francis \ Alahmadi, Ahmad \ Akotuah, Vera  \ Al-Ghadban, Najeebah \ Arico, Luigi / Ben Zakour Zouabi, Habiba  / Angelelli, Stefania / Archer, James / Arnbäck, Marianne / Beam, Ann / Baashus, Rune / Beattie, Lorraine / Beccegato, Leonardo / Bergman Pantirer, Nancy / Bernhard, John / Bollini Bonazza, Cesare / Brügger, Erwin / Bzdzikot, Aleksandra / Boucaud, Alex / Butt Ayaz, Shafqat / Collier, Betty / Copenhaver, Amanda / Folkan, Gro / Chavarro Avila, Ariel / Chin, Lolita /  Flaub / Fonseca, Carmen F. / Ford, Mark James  / Frey, Gabriel / Gauya, Serge / Gutierrez, Elena / Iraqi, Mohammed Rachid / Franko, Urban / Fu, Wenjun / Fulton, Gwen / Gagnan, Marie-Noëlle / Golletz, Terry / Govoni, Devon / Green, David / Helbing, Markus / Holznecht, Stephanie / Jossier, Patrick \ Jurisich, John \ Ko, Yuni / Käller, Mimmi / Kline, Sandy / Korotky, Yvonne / Kratz, Ai-Wen Wu \ Lagana, Antonella \ Moltchanoph, Nikolay \ Nagy Saar, Erzsebet \ Lambert, Patricia \ Lark, Lisbet \ Last, Bea \ Lorenz, Brigitte \ Mantel, Zuzana \ Martinelli, Maria Margherita \ Mccollough, Susan N. \ Meytras, Christine \  Moore, Barbara \ Muehlethaler, Nikolas \ Nahoul, Vanessa \ Otterbach, Verena  \ Perez, George\ Perkovic, Stjepan \ Poole, Rj \ Pham, Hai \  Plaskett, Daniel \ Px Rh (Ryosuke Hayamitsu) \ Schapiro, Angela P. \ Rena T. \ Roth, Katharina \ Ruspoli, Francesco \ Sandell, Ginger Anne \ Sedlar, Miro \ Saurine, Robyn \ Schoepper, Ursa \ Seegert, Christian \ Sigler, Terry \ Sewell Sigvaldi, Mel \ Sebo  \ Thompson, Antwan J. \ Webber, Louise\ Spiff, William \ Straub, Alex \ Teetelli, Loren \ Teetelli, Nicholas H. \ Thompson, Debra \ Thorburn, Juliet \ Thurber, Anna \ Torchez Aka Adriana Torres \  Touchstone, Izzy \ Valentini, Ferdinando \ Valera, Natalia \ Van Der Leeden, Marc \ Walters, Christine  \ Whiting, Charles  \ Zorrilla, Andriana 


Mike Shultis at Diane Rosenstein, LA


James Turrell at Pace Gallery, NYC



Installation view of “Judy Blame: Never Again,” 2016, at Institute of Contemporary Arts Londo

Through September 4th, 2016.

Judy Blame: Never Again” is on view at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London through Sunday, September 4. The solo exhibition presents work by the British accessories designer, art director, and fashion stylist.


Currently at Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Charles GleyreThe Deluge© Clémentine Bossard, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne
To date, France has never devoted a solo exhibition to Charles Gleyre. Yet he was a major figure in academy painting in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century. For a long time, given the smooth perfection of his facture and his subject matter, mostly taken from mythology, he was taken for a cold, conventional esthete blind to the revolutions of his time. 


KNOWN UNKNOWNS at Saatchi Gallery

Anne Speier - Untitled

2014 Collage: watercolor, pencil, crayon, ink, 

watercolorpaper, laser prints, fixative, uv protect varnish frame: walnut, foam board 171.5 x 147.5 x 5 cm

Upcoming Show at Saatchi gallery with a group of over 30 international artists


Currently at Agora Gallery

Dynamic Visions 

The works in Dynamic Visions seem to both challenge us to analyze their effect and invite us to immerse ourselves in their stimulating and often ingenious vision of life. Each piece appears to contain a whole world of lively possibility that bears a strong relation to what we know, yet almost transcends the understood, taking us along for the ride. 


Marten & Oopjen at RIJKSMUSEUM

Rembrandt Portraits of Marten & Oopjen
July 2 2016 to October 2 2016 at RIJKSMUSEUM in Amsterdam

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), Portrait of Marten Soolmans , 1634. Oil on canvas, 210 x 135 cm. Acquired by the Dutch State for the Rijksmuseum / Portrait of Oopjen Coppit, 1634 Oil on canvas, 210 x 133 cm. Acquired by the French Republic for the Musée du Louvre

Early this year the two Rembrandt portraits were bought together by the Netherlands and France, a unique event. From 2 July to 2 October 2016 Marten & Oopjen will have a place of honour alongside The Night Watch. The paintings will then be restored at the Rijksmuseum. Rembrandt painted the marriage portraits of the newly-weds Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit in Amsterdam in 1634, when he was twenty-eight. The portraits, more than two metres high, remained in private hands for almost four centuries. Wim Pijbes, General Director Rijksmuseum: What no one thought possible is now reality: the most wanted and least exhibited Rembrandts in the world, in the Louvre and the Rijksmuseum in turn, in the public domain and within everyone’s reach


Les plus beaux livres suisses 2015 at Centre Culturel Swiss in PARIS

September 23 through December 4th 2016.

Le concours « Les plus beaux livres suisses » est un instrument de soutien au design, qui récompense et encourage le graphisme de qualité dans le domaine du livre. Il est ouvert aux concepteurs graphiques, éditeurs et imprimeurs. Un jury international, actuellement sous la présidence de Gilles Gavillet, du bureau Norm, a attribué cette année des prix à 18 ouvrages dont « 30 ans à Paris » publié par le Centre culturel suisse à l’occasion de son trentième anniversaire. Ludovic Balland, graphiste du livre, est également lauréat du prix Jan Tschichold.

Vernissage en présence de Mirjam Fischer, membre du jury et responsable des publications aux Museum für Gestaltung de Zurich.


Paula Modersohn-Becker at MAM Paris

An Intensely Artistic Eye 

Despite a brief career – a mere ten years – this artist has left us an extremely rich legacy, revealed in this exhibition by some one hundred paintings and drawings. In addition, excerpts from letters and diaries provide an understanding of the intimate link between her art and her personal life


Magritte At Centre Pompidou, Paris

René Magritte, Le Double Secret, 1927Huile sur toile — 114 × 162 cm© Coll. Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne — Photo © Georges Meguerditchian © ADAGP, Paris 2016
September 21, 2016 ? January 23, 2017
The exhibition Magritte: La trahison des images offers a completely new approach to the work of the Belgian artist René Magritte. Featuring both well-known masterpieces and other less familiar works, all drawn from leading public and private collections, it offers a fresh look at one of the key figures of Modern art


Winner of the 19th Online Artavita Contest: D.O.M., "Make a wish, no regrets."


Winner of the 19th Online Artavita Contest: D.O.M., "To have not to hold"


Artavita Gallery at Art Expo New York

The World Wide Art + Artavita gallery booth at ART EXPO NEW YORK in April 2016 was met with great success. Thanks to all the visitors and participating artists. 


Artavita Contest 18 Winner

A big thanks to all the artists who participated in the 18th Online Artavita Contest. 
Browse the contest to view all entries. 



The World Wide Art and Artavita Gallery 
at Art Expo New York April 14-17 2016 at Pier 94

The artists 

Elena Abessinova  | Marie Akerlund  | Vera Akotuah | Najeebah Al-Ghadban  | Mary Bechtol | Jenny Bennett | Natalia Bragina  | Zach Christopher | Wendy Cohen  | Sheelagh Cross  | Romolo Del Deo  | Michael Doherty | Sinikka Elfving | Katherine Gallagher | Rigulio Graak | Ryosuke Hayamitsu | Eva-Maria Hild | Steven Istvan Hum |  Amy Ishida | Annette Johnerfelt  | Mimmi Kaller | Su Knoll Horty | Yuni Ko | Daria Krasilnikova | Morton Lancaster | Ovidiu Lebejoara  | AC Lindner |  Macey Lipman |  Zuzana Mantel  | Nadja Meffert  | Rebecca Perehudoff |  Martine Mongrain | Barbara Moore  | Derek Morgan | Andreas Murauer  | Vanessa Nahoul | Verena Otterbach | Amalia Padilla Gregg  | Roberto Octavio Portillo Georgge | Delsy Rubio  | Noemi Safir Dolev | Ginger Sandell | Francesco Sandrelli | Sonia Serpil Aslan  | Ji Young Shim | Fernando Silva | William Spiff  | Lilian Storino | May Talhouk  | Annette Tan | Tamara Tarasiewicz | Carlyle Thompson  | Adriana Torres | Izzy Touchstone |  Fernando Valentini | Veronique Vallet |  Veronica Villareal Sada | Dimitra Viveli |  Michele Voigt | Felizitas Wermes |  Rebecca Whitehead | Adriana Zorrilla 


Winner of Artavita's Contest #17

Noemi Safir Dolev won first place in the Artavita 17th Contest. 
Noemi will exhibit at the Artavita/World Wide Art pavilion at ART EXPO New York in April 2016. 


Book Launch at the SNMFA

The launch exhibition for International Contemporary Masters vol. 10 by World Wide Art Books took place  January 20, at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas. All artists in the book were invited to exhibit and the show was met with great success. Read more here: http://wwab.us/blog/exhibitions/

Congrats to all the participating artists!


Visit us in MIAMI

Come and enjoy great art at the 

World Wide Art and Artavita Gallery at Spectrum Miami
December 2-6 2015, Midtown Miami

Featuring works by
Marie Akerlund | Steven Barger | Mary Bechtol | Adam Clement | Sinikka Elfving | Rigulio Graak | Amalia Padilla de Gregg | Sarvin Haghighi | Eva-Marie Hild | Sherry Junejo | Ai-Wen Wu Kratz | Shoko Kitahara | Tomoko Kobayashi | Wendy Layne | Lisa Levasseur | A.C. Lindner | Hedy Maimann Nadja Meffert | Tanja Milbourne | Aiko Mizutani | Sanna Myrttinen | Kimiko Nagano | Vanessa Nahoul Serio | Tokihiko Nakajima | Hiroaki Ogasawara |  Miwako Omori | Stefan Petrunov | Greg Pitts | Anna Reber | Erzsebet Nagy Saar | Francesco Sandrelli | Ursa Schoepper | Patricia Secco | Akemi Shibuya | Juan Fernando Silva | Lidia Teixeira |  Michele Voigt | Rebecca Whitewood 


Current Masters: A new edition by World Wide Art Books

A new, exciting edition by World Wide Art Books. 

Current Masters 1 represents the work of remarkable contemporary artists from around the world. The book will be published in December 2015. Purchase a copy at www.wwab.us



Katrin Alvarez is the Winner of the latest contest and will exhibit with us at Art Expo New York. 
Visit the artist's website at http://www.katrin-alvarez.de to find more about this talented painter.  

Katrin Alvarez (born in Güstrow) is a qualified legal expert and editor. She has published several surrealistic satires and a novel. Her paintings, which can be assigned to the fantastic realism, have already been exhibited in Israel, Canada, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, the U.S. and China.


Artavita Artists Exhibiting at World Wide Art LA

This years World Wide Art LA International Fine Art Show will be exhibiting the below Artavita Member Artists. You can view all the artists images directly on this site right now and in person on Oct. 16th to the 19th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Art Venti | Boutia Moshiri | Christine Heitler | Christina Clodomir | Claudia Grimm | Daisuke Ujuan | Daniela Cortez | Fugen Bas | Halima Doua | Hanan Hanae | Jon Wolter Jon Boe Paulsen | Josefina Temin | Karen Salicath Jamali | Kyunglim Lee | Lisa Levasseur | Marilena Rango | Oleg Sergeev | Rosie Longhi de Bouard | Sebastian Magnani | Sinikka Elfving | Siro Dalle Nogare | Tony Hertz | Ulla Wobst | Yona Lee (Hyun-a Lee) | Josefina Temin | Lisa Levasseur 


Winner of the 12th Contest

Erin Hanson is the Winner of 12th Contest

Winning works:
"Crystal Hills"
"Layers of Monterey"
"Scarlet Pines"

Born in Portland, Oregon in 1981, Erin Hanson was raised in Southern California's Mojave Desert. It wasn’t until Hanson moved to Las Vegas to rock climb at Red Rock Canyon, however, that Hanson’s style was consolidated by a single inspiration and force of nature.

Visit the artist's website https://www.erinhanson.com to view more of her mesmerizing works.


Winner of the 11th Contest

Naz Perver Weich is the Winner of 11th Contest

Winning works:

"The Reader"
"Windy Day"


‘It’s all about capturing what the eye cannot see, but what the mind knows is there! When I paint, it’s not so much about the subject matter. It’s about movement, the movement that is always there. I want to capture that movement, show it thorough lines and colour, express how it changes and influences the energy that is always surrounding us.’ 

Visit the artists website for more info



Winner of the 10th Contest

Jon B. Paulsen

Winning Images: 
"The Trespasser"
"Dead Ringer"
"Beneath the Facade"


Winner of the 9th Contest

Douglas Balentine


Winning images:
"Cargo II"


Prestigious Art Publication

World Wide Art Books

Since 2000, World Wide Art Books, Inc. has been publishing and distributing art books around the world to galleries, agencies, art directors, interior designers, consultants, museums and other art enthusiasts. With "International Contemporary Masters" and "Current Masters" open to submissions, now is your chance to apply to be included in one of these leading juried publications.



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Febpasquale vaira