Brijite Bey

Brijite BEY

Location: France

Brijite Bey is a French sculptor who has sought to express her love of beautiful things since an early age.
Following a career as a graphic designer in visual communications,
then a deep involvement with a charitable organization created to help underprivileged children worldwide, she joined a workshop where she immersed herself for a while in the wondrous realm of clay sculpturing.
From the moment she touches the earthy material, her fascination for texture, shadow, light and contrasts intensifies.

In a remarkable way, Brijite’s passion for art and experience in architectural design encompasses an apparent juxtaposition of contrasting platforms.
On the one hand, she embraces the uncluttered, minimalist style of ancient sculptures where so much is said without the encumbrances of words and fine points.

On the other hand, her love of multiculturalism took a natural turn in recent years toward depicting the beauty, diversity and depth of expressions she found in African faces. The profundity of her aesthetic appreciation for this subject is evident in the various renderings of nobility and grace, coupled with suffering and longing.


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