Biswajit Das

Biswajit Das

Location: India

Hello, I am an emerging artist from Kolkata, India.
Creativity lies below the level of consciousness.True feeling, to me is something that is spontaneous. I prefer to use organic flows and spontaneous spaces to express my colorful world of different depths, textures, volumes with various tones & perspectives.
My vision is filled with the strong colors, the flashes of lights and the depths of shadows, airs of my birthplace and smells from the depth of my past and present. These act as a continuous resource of concepts to my works.
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My Works

Creative Panting, drawing, illustration done by Biswajit Das

Kaleidotunes (Chorus) “Kaleidotunes (Chorus)”

Chorus, created from different shades of sound sources in forms of music, noise, speech, tinkle etc., and it's impact on the various tones of social and psychological life. To me this is like listening to my own chorus hidden within.

Kaleidotunes “Kaleidotunes”

A pictorial montage depicting various sources of sounds in form of choirs, notes, noises, tinkles. The subject is passing through these forms every day. So she holds some cardboard, a bunch of papers and starts feeling her circumstance in a different way. She begins to visualize her cacophonous experience in different forms and colors. Her experience inspires me to take off this visual journey.