Jonelle T. Mccoy

I grew up in Upstate NY, and moved to Oklahoma in 1991. My love of animals has always been inside of me, and they were the focus of my creativity, however, it was the horse that was and still is a driving force in my paintings. I thank my Hungarian Great Granddaddy Nicholas Horvath for passing on the artistic genes to me, he is my guardian angel. I still have some of his old worn paintbrushes. His easel and pencil self portrait that I inherited are prized possessions. I still feel close to him by remembering his stories about Vincent Van Gogh told when visited in my childhood. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists.
My profession as a scenic artist started in 1987 at Adirondack Scenic, Inc in NY. After moving to Oklahoma I have worked as a scenic painter at OCU in their theater department, Silvertree Productions as a scenic and lead painter, while in Oklahoma I worked for corporate event planner Eventures, Inc. as their main artist. I have recently retired to pursue fine art full time. I even worked for Hollywood painting on the Oklahoma based set of “Twister”.
I have had horses in my life since I was 24, I can’t imagine being without them. I found the smooth gaited Paso Fino breed in 2001 after my husband was hurt on the job, and they are the current inspiration for my imaginative, energetic, and colorful paintings.


Textured raised line acrylics

My work has moved into a richer detail with the use of raised lines and texture to give the viewer a depth to contemplate with my horses.