Dena Lawrence

Dena Lawrence

Location: Australia

Dena is an Artist and Art therapist from Perth Western Australia. Dena uses the process of Art making to release and express her feelings and experiences through colour shape and form. Initially and early in her career Dena enjoyed painting landscapes and portraiture – In recent years Dena has moved to creating semi-abstract designs using vibrant colours to express her passion, emotions and love of nature.

Dena’s spontaneous artworks are being transformed and individually crafted into the finest luxurious silk Artworks suitable for wall or floor. Each piece intricately woven by highly skilled weavers in Kashmir - creating exquisite designs with unmatched, colour and lustre.

Dena’s vibrant colours and spontaneous designs are dynamic. Her artwork is influenced by the elements – fires, water, earth and Air in nature and bridges the earthy elements to the esoteric. Her artworks are semiabstract – many have floral themes and abstract free flowing motifs.

Dena’s images have an atmosphere that is interactive and lively. Each piece is unique – some are youthful and innocent others abstract and sophisticated. Perfectly suited in a variety of interior spaces including lounge rooms, bedrooms, hotel foyers and boardrooms.


Firesun designs

Perfume and poison- the Kashmir collection. Dena Lawrence - Artwork transformed and woven into hand made silk carpets in Kashmir India
Firesun exquisite silk carpets can be hung on the wall or thrown luxuriously across a floor to make the most breathtaking statement of colour and design.
Each piece from Firesun’s Perfume and Poison collection is intricately woven with unmatched colour and lustre and suitable for wall or floor display.
The story of firesun is about connecting two vastly different cultures through the artist and the artisan. Complimentary opposites merging and then the coming alive with meticulously woven carpets as masterpieces

Flare “Flare”

Firesun: Hand woven silk carpet designed by Dena Lawrence made in Kashmir. Carpet is 5x7ft

Flare “Flare”

Gorgeous exquisite carpet - Pure silk original design

Fireopal “Fireopal ”

Fireopal: 100% hand woven silk rug - designed by Dena Lawrence and woven in Kashmir.

fireopal “fireopal ”

FIreopal: Majestic Rich and Luxurious. The design generates power, vigour and enthusiasm. This carpet is pure silk and is 6x9 feet. The carpet took 3 people 6 months to weave

Birdsong “Birdsong”

Silk Carpet 5x7 ft.

Perfume “Perfume”

Silk Artwork 5x7ft

Explosion “Explosion”

Silk Artwork. 5x7 ft

Peace “Peace”

Silk Artwork. 5x7 ft and 4x6 ft

Release “Release”

Silk Artwork. 3x5 ft

Ocean “Ocean”

Silk Artwork. 5x7 ft.

Wrap “Wrap”

Silk Artwork. 5x7 ft