Bob St. Cyr

Bob St. Cyr

Location: Canada

Bob was granted the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts Maple Leaf and Associate Fellowship Awards for photographic achievement, service and exceptional contributions to photography.
He has also won national & international awards for his photography, which have included photo exhibitions. And although Bob is familiar with digital photography and employs it from time-to-time, he primarily prefers to work with medium and large film format lens and pinhole cameras.
He also enjoys the challenge of constantly working to better himself not only as a photographer but as a darkroom craftsman from processing his film to printing archivally processed silver-gelatin fiber black and white prints.


Black & White Interpretations

Black & White Interpretations is a view of the world through film and silver-gelatin fibre prints. My work is nothing revolutionary, but just honest to goodness dedication to the craft and mastery (in progress), of the archival silver-gelatin fibre print.
For me, it is not about speed or convenience all the time. I am most comfortable with a heavy backpack and my large format camera out and about in the field looking for something that fits my vision. However, sometimes I come across something that I had not anticipated, it is like a bonus of sorts. I may have entered out into the field with a certain type of image in mind, but come home with something else just as nice as or better than my preconception. I like it when that happens - it reminds me that our preconceived ideas do not always fit the circumstances. The key is to be open to this visual paradigm shift.

Bike in the Mist “Bike in the Mist”

As part of my teaching practice at the University of Victoria, I like to keep fresh, make fresh images, this was something I noticed near the Faculty of Education - Art Education.

Swirls “Swirls”

Whilst out working along a river (Cowichan I think), I found this little pool of water with what look like pollutants skimming along the top.

Window Lace “Window Lace”

Made on Vancouver Island at a little place called Honeymoon Bay. Working with my Toyo 45 AII to make this image.