Briquet Jean-jacques

BRIQUET Jean-Jacques

Location: France

I come from Touraine and I have been adopted by this beautiful region, Alsace, for decades. I am a ceramist technician (specialized in tiles/earthenware), lithographer,, designer for d├ęcors and ceramic transfers.
I am currently a technician of enamel on steel.
In 2006, I started this great adventure : oil painting on canvas.
I began to copy masterpieces, and now I place myself between abstract, figurative and surrealist painting with my baby: the "BUBBLE GRID ART"' (acrylic ).

The main objective of my work is to be enjoyed by the eyes of every one.



"Effervescent girl" “"Effervescent girl"”

Acrylic, 180x120x4 cm ( triptyc), canvas, 2012

A young lady "ZEN" “A young lady "ZEN"”

Acrylic, 120x100x4 cm, canvas, 2013

" from Sweden" “" from Sweden"”

Acrylic, 80x80x4 cm, canvas, 2014

"Marine abstraction" “"Marine abstraction" ”

Acrylic, 100x80x4 cm, canvas, 2015

" the constellation Cats" “" the constellation Cats"”

Acrylic, 120x100x4 cm, canvas, 2013

" Sea anemone" “" Sea anemone"”

Acrylic, 100x80x4 cm, canvas, 2015

"The horse in the wind" “"The horse in the wind"”

Acrylic, 80x80x4 cm, canvas, 2015

" delighted kitten" “" delighted kitten"”

Acrylic, 100x80x4 cm, canvas, 2014


Acrylic, 100x100 cm, canvas, 2015