Ceary Williams

Photography started out as a hobby. It didn't take long before it became a passion of mine. My work consists of mostly street art, cityscapes, and landscapes. I also love to travel. My dream is to travel the world and capture it, to share with all of you.


My trip to San Fransisco

Traveling to San Fransisco was a journey that inwill never forget. Navigating through the city was a challenge, but rewarding. I met a lot of wonderful people that helped me find my way . My stay was way too short. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I'll Be Back"

 Bay Bridge 24 ct. “ Bay Bridge 24 ct.”

This was my first night out shooting. I really like this shot because i have never seen this bridge from this perspective.

Downtown “Downtown ”

There are so many different types of transportation. Cable cars have to be one of the coolest ways to get around .

Golden Gate bridge “Golden Gate bridge”

This is one of my favorite photographs . It took me about 3 days to get this shot. This was exactly what I came here for and I wasn't leaving until I got it. It was worth all of the effort.

Motion in the Ocean “Motion in the Ocean”

This was inspired by a tutorial I was watching by Karl Taylor. "Landscape photography using the humble 50mm lense. Though I didn't use a 50mm for this shot.

Palace of Fine Arts “Palace of Fine Arts”

When I first saw this structure at night . I knew it would make a cool photograph. I knew it would look even better at the blue hour.