Paola Gentile

Paola Gentile

Location: Italy

I was born in Rome in 1943 and always fond of Art, in all her
aspects. I frequented secondary school, specialising in art subjects, just for a few months so I have to be considered a self-taught paintress.
At the biginning I used to draw portraits but from 2010 I tried with oil on canvas and since then I partecipated to several art - exibitions and competitions with many positive results.
My last collective exibition was RomArt 2015, in the month of May.


My art works

All subjects are beautiful to paint, but I love Nature first of all.

" Ombre e incantesimi " “" Ombre e incantesimi "”

Magic lights after the dark.

" Serenità " “" Serenità "”

A quiet view of Stourhead gardens in England

" La casa sul fiume " “" La casa sul fiume "”

A bridge, a house near the river in Essex in a cloudy day

" Il varco " “" Il varco "”

A bright crossing in the storm

" Vanità " “" Vanità "”

Vanity of beautiful peonies searching sunlight

" Cervara di Roma " “" Cervara di Roma "”

A corner of a small village on top of a mountain

" Oltre il cielo " “" Oltre il cielo "”

A walk in the galaxy

" Tony & Jack " “" Tony & Jack "”

Two unforgettable artists for an unforgettable movie.

" Nannarella " “" Nannarella "”

Remembering Anna Magnani, a great artist and very special woman

" Genesis" “" Genesis"”

Stars exlosion ! A new world is coming.