Daniel Advidson

Since the creation of Daniel Davidson Illustration I have been fortunate enough to have worked with a varied client base responding to a broad range of creative briefs, always aiming to arrive at a visually engaging, alternative and original design that intends to create intrigue and inspiration in equal measure.

Previous clients include:

Lucky Number Music – We Admire – Winterbird Recordings – Virgin Records – Crown Paints – Saatchi Art and Music Magazine (features and specials) – Graphic Art News – The Brautigan Book Club – Creative Review – Cloudspotting Music and Arts Festival – Saltpeter Productions – India Mill – JP74 Ltd – Published Author, James Gilbraith –

After leaving school and studying graphic design at Blackburn College, Daniel moved into sign design/manufacturing learning the essentials of placement and spacing of image and text. After several years in this field he embarked on a career in music , which enabled him to get involved in the creative process of writing music whilst creating an accompanying visual, in the form of illustration and moving image.
As Daniel’s obsession grew with visual creativity, more of his focus and energy has been channeled into responding to eclectic references and moving towards a unique and recognisable style.
Having recently had his work featured in publications such as the Saatchi Gallery Art and Music Magazine, Art Monthly, Aesthetica, Graphic Art News and Creative Review, as well as exhibitions at the Grundy Art Gallery and The Lloyd Gill Gallery. Daniel is currently working on projects including t-shirt design, editorial work, album artwork, book illustration and commissioned work for clients based throughout Europe.
Daniel has recently completed single and album artwork for British guitar band, India Mill and has a completed designs for London based Independent Record label, Lucky Number. Daniel has an ongoing working relationship with London based T shirt design company, We Admire, developing innovative and inspirational t-shirt designs that are now available to buy.


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