Nicola Beattie Ba Hons Fine Art (sculpture)

Having trained at Exeter and Wimbledon Art Colleges between 1984 and 1990, fine artist Nicola Beattie specializes in contemporary sculpture using traditional materials of marble, bronze and alabaster. She also paints large contemporary art canvases when necessary to further express ideas along the theme on which she is working. The larger bronzes are usually made first in plaster before casting and Nicola also makes smaller pieces in stone and bronze for both indoors and outside. Her sculpture is full of rhythm and echoing curves – this rhythm and fluidity is essential to her work which has been exhibited both abroad and widely throughout the UK, regularly in London, including at: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, The Menier Gallery, Sotheby’s Art Gallery and Cork Street.

Alongside exhibiting, Nicola has completed a number of contemporary art commissions for both private and corporate clients in the UK, her work is also held in collections in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Singapore and Australia.


Sculpture - Creation


I have always been drawn to abstraction in art where my inspiration comes from looking beyond the surface decoration of a form and extracting the unadorned lying hidden underneath. This collection of sculptures is mainly concerned with the interior of the form and its significance in bringing a sculpture to life, throughout this series I have made simple, clean forms which have a silent but tangible presence within them. This presence is the focus throughout these works with an emphasis on a tight surface to the sculptures giving them life and fullness. Most of my work here is very smooth or, in the case of ‘Bud’ and ‘Clam’, textured but still swelling out in an even tight curve. The tighter the surface the more the impression of life within the forms – like a grape as opposed to a raisin – one is unevenly formed and lifeless, the other plump and swelling out with the juicy fullness of life.

These sculptures concentrate on a quiet past, present or future life: shells and fossils depicting a quiet past life; pods and buds describing a quiet present life invisible from the outside yet on the inside depicting growth and a future life waiting to emerge. All of these sculptures are inspired by Nature, yet conceptual where the abstraction of form separates itself from the nature it is based on.

Bud “Bud”

Bronze resin, Marble resin - 54cm x 36cm x 36cm

Wavy Clam “Wavy Clam”

Bronze Resin - 45cm x 57cm x 17cm -

Fig Gourd “Fig Gourd”

Bronze resin - 66cm x 30cm x 30cm

Moontide “Moontide”

Marble resin - 114cm x 78cm x 50cm

Ammonite “Ammonite”

Bath Stone - 38cm x 38cm x 13cm

Fig Shell “Fig Shell”

African Opal Stone - 17cm x 33cm x 19cm

Shadowclone “Shadowclone”

Bronze Resin, Marble Resin - 81cm x 66cm x 40cm

Shadowclone “Shadowclone”

This is the bronze pod from the back - 81cm x 33cm x 40cm including base.

Pod “Pod”

Graphite Resin - 66cm x 23cm x 15cm

Shell Form “Shell Form”

Lignum Vitae - 37.5cm x 19cm x 17cm

Scroll Pod “Scroll Pod”

Australian Gum Wood - 28cm x 28cm x 13cm

Scroll Pod II “Scroll Pod II”

Soapstone - 6.5cm x 7cm x 7cm

Sleeping Pod “Sleeping Pod”

Lignum Vitae - 18cm x 20cm x 19cm

Sisterhood “Sisterhood”

Bronze Resin, Marble Resin, Rusty Iron Resin - 39cm x 39cm x 39cm

Protection “Protection”

Bronze resin, Graphite resin, Marble resin, Rusty Iron resin - 67cm x 58cm x 58cm

Nautilus “Nautilus”

Caen Stone - 53cm x 36cm x 13.5cm

Clam “Clam”

Caen Stone - 29cm x 31cm x 16cm

Sea Cone “Sea Cone”

Australian Talc Stone - 19cm x 30cm x 32cm

Vase “Vase”

Elm - 107cm x 41cm x 12.6cm

Sculpture - Figurative

These solid carvings focus on the blocky nature of the stone having a substantial presence with echoing lines and curves throughout the sculpture creating a coherent fluid rhythm to the piece. In these quiet sculptures I am aiming to emphasize a private world behind the closed eyes of each figure in their dreaming state where their thoughts are protected by their outer skin. With closed eyes our inner privacy is complete - these sleeping sculptures are about self-protection as well as calm and quiet, and our ability to hide within ourselves if we choose.

All of these sculptures are made through direct carving with reference to numerous sketches made while working out a design. I often work things out through direct carving as the piece evolves and the more material is removed - the forms in these sculptures are simple so they were carved without the aid of maquettes in order to keep a level of spontaneity whilst working. I start with a fair idea of how the finished sculpture will look but often surprise myself with how the sculptures evolve and communicate as I walk around them. A tactile and tangible presence is what I am aiming to convey in these quiet, contained pieces.

Slumber “Slumber”

Ancaster Hardwhite - 53cm x 46cm x 29cm

Serenity “Serenity”

Alabaster - 49cm x 30cm x 28cm

To Sit and Dream “To Sit and Dream”

Alabaster - 46cm x 27cm x 23cm

Dreamer “Dreamer”

Ancaster Hardwhite - 48cm x 39cm x 15cm

Mother and Child “Mother and Child”

Ancaster Hardwhite Limestone - 65cm x 33cm x 13cm

Hold Me Close “Hold Me Close”

Portland Stone - 49cm x 20cm x 15cm

Paintings - Creation

These oil and acrylic paintings are about mood and atmosphere through use of colour and glazing with varied brushwork. The scenes are semi-abstract usually with a central light – the focus is on elements of nature and the raw beauty and power of natural landscape unaltered by man's imprint. The landscape is unmanufactured definitive of Nature in its own strength. The central light is important – light is central to all things and throws accents on to the dark, contrasting seas and landscapes below. The muted palette of colours adds mystery to the mood, conveying not a bright sunny day but more of a brooding silent landscape, unspoilt by human hand.

I use different techniques depending on whether I am working on acrylic paintings or in oils - when painting in oils I often add a glazing medium to the paint which is then applied with brushes in layers, wet on dry. In the acrylic paintings I use large brushes for the skies then use layers of thick paint for the land and sea, scraping through with palette knives and adding accents of light and dark.

Wasteland “Wasteland”

Acrylic on Board - 69cm x 84cm

Ochre Marsh “Ochre Marsh”

Acrylic on Canvas - 39cm x 49cm

Cool Light over Burnt Marsh “Cool Light over Burnt Marsh”

Oil on Canvas - 35cm x 46cm

Sienna Light “Sienna Light”

Oil on Canvas - 35cm x 46cm

Sienna Light II “Sienna Light II”

Oil on Board - 40cm x 32cm

Wintry Moor “Wintry Moor”

Oil on Canvas - 63cm x 63cm

Red Sea “Red Sea”

Acrylic on Board - 74cm x 72cm

Winter Lake “Winter Lake”

Acrylic on Board - 58cm x 63cm

Paintings - Water Baptism

This abstract painting collection is all about Water Baptism and Christian Faith - water and light are both required for sustainable Life. These paintings concentrate on light bouncing off the surface, or along the surface, of the water – the painting begins as a fairly muted under-layer, then I gradually add more light and depth with pallet knives.

All of these paintings are in oils – they are inspired by Jesus Christ as he talks of water and light in the gospels. “And He would give you life-giving water” John 4:10 - A cross shape is visible in almost every painting.

Each abstract painting consists of multiple layers of oil paint, applied wet on wet often over a basic painting of numerous layers of wash of which the bare minimum is visible in the final painting. Other times fresh wet paint is dragged in multiple layers over a base layer of two contrasting colours. Accents are then added in with various tools, knives and trowels to get different effects. There is always an element of chance in the beginning, the painting is then finished with more specific application of paint with both small and large knives and other tools.

The element of abstract in painting these works lends itself to open interpretation by the viewer whilst the focus is on light and living water.

Purple Lake “Purple Lake”

Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 70cm

Deep Waters “Deep Waters”

Oil on Linen - 80cm x 80cm

Downpour “Downpour”

Oil on Canvas - 30cm x 30cm

Let it Rain “Let it Rain”

Oil on Canvas - 40cm x 40cm

Shimmer “Shimmer”

Oil on Linen - 80cm x 80cm

Thaw “Thaw”

Oil on Canvas - 30cm x 30cm

Cleansed “Cleansed”

Oil on Linen - 80cm x 80cm

Water Baptism “Water Baptism”

Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 50cm

Blue Falls “Blue Falls”

Oil on Canvas - 40cm x 40cm

Refresh My Soul “Refresh My Soul”

Oil on Canvas - 30cm x 20cm

Tranquil Waters “Tranquil Waters”

Oil on Canvas - 50cm x 20cm

Rose Rain “Rose Rain”

Oil on Canvas - 30cm x 15cm

Deliverance “Deliverance”

Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 50cm

River “River”

Oil on Linen - 50cm x 60cm

Rain Shimmer “Rain Shimmer”

Oil on Canvas - 100cm x 80cm