Jean-paul Labelle

Jean-Paul Labelle

Location: Canada

Born in St. Jerome in 1979, Live and work in Montreal Canada. Studied visual arts in Concordia university.


YUL Really Love It

My artistic approach revolves around non-renewable energies that surround me. Instead of trying to illustrate these urban vibrations, the object itself which radiates this stress becomes the actual subject of my research. Highlighting these recycled items, I try to bring out their metaphysical energy which connects them with human activity.

White Line on Cracked Asphalt “White Line on Cracked Asphalt”

This piece is one of the very first I have created for this serie. Even if the creative process has been took seriously, it was considered as a test in some sort. When the final result revealed itself, in was simply stunning.

Grind Asphalt “Grind Asphalt”

This piece shows beautifully the intervention on it. the viewer can clearly see the intense yet regular tool mark. It is very expressive and calm at the same time. The title reveals its true nature though.

Eroded Pavement “Eroded Pavement”

This piece is not perfect, but inscribe itself in the pavement research.

Grind Asphalt n˚2 “Grind Asphalt n˚2”

This piece is part of the grinding research.

Left Behind “Left Behind”

While searching for pavement's pieces I am confronted to a lot of left behind objects. This one got my heart and inspired me for a complete serie.

Black Slab “Black Slab”

The dark contrast of this reversed slab is simply perfect. it creates the illusion of a hole while it is a bas-relief shape.

Twisted Tire “Twisted Tire”

Composed with the same pavement material, this flat tire has a complete different shape. It is the asphalt's opposite and when combined they fully complete their task.

Abandoned “Abandoned”

Abandoned intimately shows the inside out of its true nature. A good balance between subtlety and aggressiveness can be observed in this piece.

Right In the Middle “Right In the Middle”

There is a double sense to interpret the title. Either it is literal, where the yellow lines can be found in the middle of the street or symbolically it marks the middle points of this collection's production.

Parking Lot “Parking Lot”

This piece express the desire of having a stronger sense of painting. Because too many times my work is associated with sculpture.

Loud And Clear “Loud And Clear”

All the effort invested in this piece is to put more emphasis on the painting aspect of my work. It says loud and clear: "I'm a painting!"

I really Love #MTL “I really Love #MTL”

Influenced by the 375th anniversary of Montreal, this piece reflect the local urban landscape and may also make reference to those cone shape party hat.

Mont-Royal Avenue “Mont-Royal Avenue”

Tribute to its original found location, this piece now wear the name of the street it used to be.

Gilford “Gilford”

Part of the street naming serie, the title gives a hint of its original location.

When merchants closed their doors “When merchants closed their doors”

This construction road was a real child play. Unfortunately, a lot of merchant closed their doors though.

Under Griffintown “Under Griffintown”

Influenced by the Griffintown urban landscape, this piece simply got its name from it.

Pavement Painting Comes to Place “Pavement Painting Comes to Place”

Painting is one thing, but when it comes to paint on asphalt, pavement painting comes to place. I found an asphalt paint provider where I could find real pavement colours and glass beads.