Demetris Neokleous

Demetris Neokleous

Location: Cyprus

Born 1973 I Lives and Works in Nicosia, Cyprus
1991 - 1996 I Studied at Academy of Fine Arts I Aristotelian University Thessalonica
2000 – 2001 I Studied at Academy of Fine Arts I Wenhua Da Xue Beijing
2001 I Cofounder of Cyprus Noise of Coincidence Art Project
2007 I Cofounder of Stoa Aeschylou Association
2014 “And then, We built new walls...” / Gallery Argo / Nicosia
2011 “Palimpolis” Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre I Nicosia
2006 “Snails (Escape Equipments)”/ Gallery Argo / Nicosia/
2004 Hi-Lite 5 I Archimdede Staffolini Gallery I Nicosia
2015 "Art Athina Contemporaries" /“Art Athina”/Athens
2014 Setup Artfair/Autostazione di Bologna/Bologna
“Remember 74”/Famagusta Gate/Nicosia
2013 “Random Coincidence”/Kreuzberg Pavillion/Berlin
2012 Terra Mediterranea- In Crisis/Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre/Nicosia
Connective Rehearsals/Kreuzberg Pavillion/Berlin
2011 through the eyes of a collector/Larnaca municipal art centre / larnaka
Drawing Room I Omikron Gallery I Nicosia
Cyprislandia I Reykjavik Art Gallery I Reykjavik
2010 Dialogues with the Machine I Sala Berlanga MADATAC I Madrid
2009 A Change of Air I Laden Parkhaus I Duesseldorf
The Beehive Project I Artists with Attitude I Amsterdam
2008 Landscapes of Body Memories I Art Lab I Nicosia
Pro-Taseis I Action Field Kodra I Thessalonica
Where do we go from here? I Nicos Pattithis Collection I Nicosia Art Centre
Perimeno Nea Sou I Gounaropoulos Museum I Athens
2007 Love Me Tender I Gallery Argo I Nicosia
Space Walk I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
Space Walk 2 I Municipal Exhibition Centre I Larnaca
YK EMX I Municipal Arts Center I Nicosia
2005 11th Triennial of India I New Delhi
From Sunrise to Sunset I Famagusta Municipal Center and House of Literature & Arts I Paphos
The Crossroads Project 1I Municipal Arts Center I Larnaca
Accidental Meetings I Municipal Arts Center and Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art I Nicosia
Noise of Coincidence I International Exhibition I Title: Noise Obsession I Nicosia
Noise of Coincidence: Intermeddling Noises I Lectures Parallel to the Event Leaps of Faith I Nicosia
Leaps of Faith, International exhibition, 100’s of Aircrafts, Performance opposite Ledra Nicosia

2004 Hyperlinks I Kypria 2004 I International Festival I Limassol
Brake Through I The Hague
6th International Biennial of Young Artists I Kongordija
2003 11th biennale of young artists from Europe and Mediterranean, Athens
Excavated in Europe, Morelia

April meetings, SKC (students cultural center), Belgrade
Kodra exhibition space, Thessalonica

The Kiss I Gallery K I Nicosia
Noise of Coincidence: Noise Crossings I Art Symposium I Nicosia
Noise of Coincidence: Noise Obsession I Spell Building I Nicosia
2002 5th International Biennial of Young Artists I Kongordija
Noise of Coincidence AX AMAN I Interactive Event I Open Market I Nicosia
2001 En Plein Air I Open Space I Nicosia
En Plein Air I Pantheon GalleryI Nicosia
2000 The Table I OXI Open Market I Nicosia
2013 “Random Coincidence”/Kreuzberg Pavillion/Berlin
2011 Cyprislandia I Reykjavik Art Gallery I Reykjavik
2010 Connective Rehearsals/Kreuzberg Pavillion/Berlin
2010 Around I Remy Rivoire I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
Spaghetti Polognese I Polish Artists Group: The Beautiful Bikers I Stoa Aschylou Association I Nicosia
Inflating the Self Imagined for a Day: The Beehive Experiment I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Amsterdam
A Space in 300 Pieces I Lea Petrou I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
2009 Chimera I Stoa Aeschylou Association and Triton Gallery New York I Nicosia
Lost I Tony Maslic I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge I Eva Michalaki I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
A Change of Air I Stoa Aeschylous Association and Laden Duesseldorf I Nicosia
In his world I Michalis Nicolaides I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
Blank Mind, Black Mind I Dimitris Foutris I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
2008 Rolling Frame I Stoa Aeschylou Association I Nicosia
Big Other’s Little Other I Stoa Aeschylou AssociationI Nicosia
2008 Lost I Theatre Epigonoi
2004 How to Become Prime Minister I Theatre Dionysus
2003 Baby in the Bathwater I Theatre Ena
O Kato Apo Ti Gi I Anoixto Theatro
2002 “???” I Theatre Organization of Cyprus
2001 Art Director I History of Cyprus I Israel Production
Art Director I De Vrika Tipota I Isovites Production
2000 Art Director I Me Tosa Psemata I Alkinoos Ioannides Production
2011 Time Out Cyprus I Art I 05/11 I Cyprus
Down Town Cyprus I Must See (Palimpolis) I 08/ 05/11 I Cyprus
Sinthesis I Artist-Future Cyprus I 06/11 I Cyprus
Phileleftheros I Palimpolis I 07/06/11 I Cyprus
2008 Phileleftheros I Installations I 25/09/08 I Cyprus
Ethnos Out I Pro-taseis Action field Kodra I 31/08/08 I Greece
City Free Press I Where do we go from here? I 16/05/08 I Cyprus
Athinorama I Perimeno nea sou… I Athinorama I 15/05/08 I Greece
Phileleftheros I Perimeno nea sou… I 14/05/08 I Cyprus
2007 City Free Press I Space Walk I 30/04/07 I Cyprus
2005 The Cyprus Weekly I Indian Triennial I 28/02/05 I Cyprus
Headline Studio I Indian Triennial I 15/01/05 I India
Cyprus Today I Volume XLII No. 1 I January-March 2005 I Triennale of India I Cyprus
2004 Phileleftheros I Culture,Window to the world I 24/07/04 I Cyprus
Delegraaf I Fitness voor Europarlement Ariers I 16/07/04 I Amsterdam
2003 Cyprus Prod Cast Cooperation I Periskopio I 11/03 I Cyprus
2002 Phileleftheros I Biennale of young artists of Europe and Mediterranean I 22/06/03 I Cyprus
2001 Anna Polidorou I The Creation of the Undo I 04/11/01 I Cyprus
1998 The Cyprus Weekly I gallery round up… I 25/10/98 I Cyprus


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