Hayden Tedder

Hayden Tedder is an artist living and working in Winston Salem, NC. Although the mostly self taught, she spent a few months after high school painting underneath Steven Hopkins of Mt Airy, NC.

She is now a member of Delurk Gallery of Downtown Winston Salem. 207 W 6th St, 27101.

Tedder is inspired by nature and human connections with each other as well as technology. She is inspired by the movement of our bodies, and the endless possibilities we have of creating and doing what we set our minds to.

Instagram @hetedder


The Connect

'The Connect' is an ongoing series Tedder has been working on. She blends abstract backgrounds with parts of women's bodies. She tops it off with a touch of circuitry, inspired by our connection with technology and what we, the human race, are becoming.

Sculpt “Sculpt”

'Sculpt' is a piece inspired by summertime. The gold of the sun, reflecting onto a body of water. As well as an inspiration to work towards a healthy lifestyle, for the comfort of living without holding back.

At Rest “At Rest”

'At Rest' defines the need for our bodies to reenergize themselves, and allowing ourselves to give time to that.

Reflection “Reflection”

'Reflection' is a self portrait, a reminder to always check yourself before making decisions and judgement on life.

At Peace “At Peace”

'At Peace' is inspired by meditation. The act of finding ourselves in complete solitude and silence.

Busty “Busty”

Bust of a woman.

Grandma, "It reminds me of the feather girls in Las Vegas"

Warrior “Warrior”

'Warrior' is inspired by the flexibility of our bodies and the importance of moving them in different ways every day to keep ourselves happy and healthy.

Filling Time “Filling Time”

'Filling Time' is inspired by the time we have with our lives and how we choose to spend it each day.