Liliana Stafford

Liliana Stafford

Location: Australia

Liliana is an award-winning artist, illustrator and writer in residence at Paper Bird, a working studio in the historicWest End of Fremantle, next door to Moore Gallery. During her three years as an abstract artist Liliana has won multiple awards for her paintings, adding to the accolades her twelve literary titles have collected. Most recently Liliana’s painting ‘Still Life’ was Highly Commended in the 2015 South Perth Emerging Artist Exhibition. Liliana also won first prize in the Freedom School exhibition 2017 for her painting'When the rain came.'
Liliana describes her painting as, ‘a journey which explores in me the romance of the little cottage in the woods and the real world… Another kind of language, filling the space between dreams and waking.’ Liliana’s work often speaks to the natural world and the complex layers of human relation, and it hums with a revelled abandonment that the abstract medium allows. Liliana works in ink on paper and canvas, paint and wire.
To find out more visit or drop in at the studio 42 Henry St, Fremantle.


Less is more.

Sometimes less is more.

Still life “Still life”

Highly Commended South Perth emerging artist award.
When I am still then I see what is there. When the world is still then it sees me.

A vase without flowers “A vase without flowers”

Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas.
The flowers are gone but the thought is still there saying what cannot be said in words.

Under the hills hoist “Under the hills hoist”

Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas