Stefan Geissbuhler - Art That Sings

Born in Interlaken, Switzerland, Stefan Geissbühler moved to the USA to open his own studio and to pursue his art career. He has worked as a full time artist since 1992 and has successfully sold his artwork to many private and corporate collectors. Travel, nature and music are the primary source for Stefan’s inspiration. His most recent work focuses on abstractions that range from freestyle forms and figurative work, to loosely representational landscapes. A common thread is his layering of vibrant colors to create art that visually sings.


Stefan Geissbuhler Studio - Art That Sings

Here you can view some of my most current artwork.

I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind paintings that offer you, the viewer, to experience a sense of adventure and freedom of spirit, while encouraging you to unfold your imagination.

Enjoy browsing this gallery of my images and if you have any questions regarding my artwork, please don’t hesitate to email me!


Out Of The Blue “Out Of The Blue”

Acrylic, 28 x 66 in (framed)

Tree Of Wisdom “Tree Of Wisdom”

Acrylic, 35 x 36 in (Framed)

(Framing) “(Framing)”

Stefan carefully hand crafts his own frames. They consist of a light weight, ebony stained oak panel, to which a painting is attached “floating” using four brushed metal cylinders.

Reunion “Reunion”

Acrylic, 34 x 35 in (Framed)

Sunset Sail “Sunset Sail”

Acrylic, 48 x 48 in (Framed)

Hazy Reflections “Hazy Reflections”

Acrylic, 35 x 36 in (Framed)

Dawn of a New Day “Dawn of a New Day”

Acrylic, 48 x 48 in (Framed)