Jung Ji Lee



Born in Tokyo, Japan
currently work in Los Angeles, USA

website; konodamazo.com

Sep.2003-Dec. 2005 The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in Painting
Jun.1999-Dec. 2002 Santa Monica Collage, Santa Monica, CA, USA A.A. Degree
Apr.1994-Mar. 1998 TEIKYO University, HACHIOUJI, TOKYO, JAPAN
Bachelor of Economics

artist statement

Kondomozo is a character that I invented. He serves as my surrogate self, a synthesis of Korean and Japanese cultures, a metaphor for the meeting of opposites, and the border that separates them. While one may interpret this character as a reflection of a variety of ideas and aesthetics particular to Asian experiences and identities, Kondomozo is primarily a response to the racism I faced as a bi-racial person. I wanted to create a creature who is culturally flexible and who personifies self-acceptance.

The universe that Kondomozo inhabits is constructed from conscious and subconscious drawings, doodles, text and maps. The palette is inspired by cave paintings.
Kondomozo’s simple shape is repeated and juxtaposed against a chaotic, drawn environment. Kondomozo acts as a smooth-skinned, nearly-featurless guide, in a wildly unpredictable and marred universe.

I believe that everyone perceives themselves—in some way—as a minority of sorts. It is my hope that Kondomozo may act as an ambassador of “Other-ness” and that people of all backgrounds will feel at home with him, or curious about him.