Jonathan Beer

b. 1988, New Orleans, LA. Lives and works in New York.

2012 - MFA in Painting. New York Academy of Art, New York.

2010 - BFA in Illustration. School of Visual Arts, New York.

2010 - Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Art Llotja, Barcelona, Spain
One month intensive study with Tom Carr & Carmen Miguel.


Architecture of the Mind

Artist Statement

As humans we exist as membranes between the world of memory and of external experience. The intricate connections between exterior and interior; between a constructed, architectural space and an interior, biological space are in constant flux, at times blurry and at others distinct. At some points the threads become entangled and fused, past and present existing simultaneously as one fluid structure.

I seek to explore the geography of that membrane in my work, to observe and depict my mental processes that are constantly in transition. Working with the contents of my private mental universe I become both cartographer and naturalist, exploring and documenting the dislocated, quasi-architectural planes of memory. Actions associated with cognition and memories are of particular interest to me. The dichotomy between decay and instantiation of these worlds serves as a starting point for my vision.