Florans Atlantis

Florans Atlantis

Location: Turkey

Painter and sculptor. His real name is “Florans Atlantis” and Christian name is Francis. But in some of middle east countries everyone know him as “Florans Ahmet”. He was born on 1972 in Tabriz – Iran, and lives in Istanbul now.

He began his art education at the Tabriz “Mirak” Fine Arts High school, department of Painting. Following that, he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, department of Graphics at “Mimar Sinan University” in Istanbul. He took technical painting lessons in “Ismail Acar” workshop too.

His paintings can be found in the Armenian Patriarchate Museum (Istanbul), the collection of Mimar Sinan University for the Turk History Museum (Istanbul), “Live Ataturk Museum” (19 Mayis district of Samsun – Turkey), and some private collections other.

He is doing his artistic activities in Turkey and other countries.


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