John Paul Schafer

I am a talented, full-time, professional artist with over twenty years of combined experience in studio painting, graphic
illustration, print design, silkscreen printmaking, sign production and various multi-media applications.
I am committed to making high-quality, large-scale, site-specific art for both public and private spaces.
I work in a range of media, styles and sizes.
My chosen media includes: oil on canvas; mixed-media collage; inks and watercolors as well as various digital
design tools and film.
I am a disciplined, self-taught practitioner who values practical experience.
The proof is in my art. See for yourself and let me hear from you.


PUBLIC WORKS and Site-Specific Installations

My primary approach to creating any public or private site-specific work of art involves a comprehensive study of the selected space itself. I seek to understand its environment, its purpose and its audience as well as appreciate its overall design, architecture and construction. I’m committed to bringing all of these elements together in a singular narrative that not only expresses my passions, but also celebrates the intent of my client’s mission.

Nature's Way “Nature's Way”

"Nature's Way" (2010)

Oil on wood panel with faux-stone appliques
5 ft. (h) x 9 ft. (w)

Created specifically for the entrance of the new trauma wing at the Buchanan County Health Center in Independence, Iowa.