Brian Huber

Artist Brian Huber

Brian Huber was raised in New Orleans in a house full of art and artists. His earliest creative influences were his mother Janeth Murray and aunt Lynne Gleason – both successful artists. Part of the creative gumbo was his grandmother Sculptor Rai Murray. A music filled studio, the smell of fresh acrylics and piles of paintings to name are fond memories of the time at home. Brian studied Art and Architecture at the University of Louisiana.

He spent numerous years designing and orchestrating events for major television studios and corporations.For five years Brian split his time between New Orleans and San Francisco. After a few years in the city he moved to the eclectic houseboat community in Sausalito. He now lives with his wife in Marin County and is grateful to have more time in the studio. Brian’s work is based on the abstraction of landscapes, architectural elements and the impact of man on the natural world. The rhythmic motion found in most of the work springs from blues and jazz music from his youth.

The Water Rising series is based on the rebirth of his hometown New Orleans after Katrina. The Barrier series is inspired by the oil disasters created by man, false barriers between nature and man and the recovery energy that resides in deep in the swamps, gulf and wetlands.

The next series Follow the Line explores the many lines imagined, created, fabricated, conjured and what lives on both sides the line. More recent work is Veil that introduces a discussion of altered perception, what distorts our views and differing ways to consume reality.

Current series are Circle Back with patterns influenced by the light and shadow on wrought ironwork found throughout New Orleans and Braided inspired by a recent trip exploring Denali Alaska.


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Braided Series

Braided series was inspired by a recent trip exploring Denali Alaska.

Teklanika “Teklanika”

Acrylic on canvas.
23" round. Part of the Braided series.

Yukon-Tanaka “Yukon-Tanaka”

Acrylic on canvas.
35" round.
Part of the Braided series

Meltwater “Meltwater”

Acrylic on canvas.
35" round.

Kettles “Kettles”

Acrylic on canvas.
36 x 36"

Dena'ina (Denali) “Dena'ina (Denali)”

Acrylic on canvas.
60 x 60"

Circle Back

Work from the Circle Back Series

The Rampart “The Rampart”

Acrylic on canvas,

Seersucker “Seersucker”

Acrylic on canvas
36 round

Pontchartrain “Pontchartrain”

Acrylic on canvas
22" round

Pontalba Lagniappe “Pontalba Lagniappe”

Acrylic on canvas
48 round

Melpomene “Melpomene”

Acrylic on canvas
29 round

Iron Lace “Iron Lace”

Acrylic on canvas

Dryades “Dryades”

Acrylic on canvas
29" round

Atchafalaya “Atchafalaya”

Acrylic on canvas
48" round


Veil series

Skipping Along “Skipping Along”

Acrylic on canvas

Downpour “Downpour”

Acrylic on canvas

Billowing Haze “Billowing Haze”

Acrylic on canvas

Follow the Line

Work from Follow the Line Series


Work from the Barrier Series